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Wigs are fun addition to your personal style. And the purpose of wearing them doesn’t limit to medical purposes anymore or to cover a certain scalp condition. Wigs are becoming a normal accessory to have these days, and it can be worn while traveling too!

Wearing a wig should not stop you from going out and about while you are traveling. Wigs are not very high maintenance beauty accessory that you can take and wear while on the go. And it’s great to be wearing one so you don’t have the need to go to a hairstylist in a foreign country should you need to dress up a bit for some conventions, events, or parties to grace.

It must be fun to walk around the new city with a nice colored wig to express yourself or just be stylish. However, wigs can be a bit tricky to pack if you will not wear them yet. So here are tips to note of when traveling with your wig.


Make sure they are clean and smelling fresh

You don’t want to wear a wig that is not clean and a bit smelly.  You may look like a million dollars but if your wig smells like crazy then it will put people off and the smell may even become worse as you join the tours during your travel.

Make sure that your hair piece is properly cleaned as per its care instructions. Bring the appropriate type of shampoo to use for washing your hair piece as you settle in your destination. If you are unsure of what to bring to care for your wig while you are on the go, you can check out the products available at Black Hairspray and perhaps have one to take with you.


Pack your hair piece appropriately

Wigs are light weight but it doesn’t mean you can just throw them in your suitcase. Some wigs can lose their shape and even strands when packed carelessly in the luggage. You can use a hair net (or even a head piece if you can accommodate it) to protect your wig from getting ruffled, out of shape of suddenly loose.


Store them properly

If your wig is a full set and you are not wearing it until you arrive to your destination, then use a hair net or a small pouch to secure and protect it in your suitcase.

If your hair piece is like the crochet braids with human hair as shown in the picture below, then you can simply keep it in its packaging bag and place flat on your luggage just on top of your clothes so the strands will not loosen.