My husband and I enjoy trying out new places to eat or have light snacks and desserts every now and then. We usually end up going to food outlets where we are quite familiar with in terms of the type of food being served. Since it is my birthday last Thursday, it was my call to go to Mealtop in La Mer near the public beach to try out the famous ice shavings Korean dessert.

If Japan has Kakigori, the Philippines has the famous Halo-Halo, China and Taiwan has their Bao-Bing or Tsua-Bing, then Korea has their yummy Bingsoo. Since I haven’t tried Japan’s and China’s version of the shaved ice dessert and I can only vouch for my love for Halo-Halo, then I will focus on my experience on the Bingsoo.

What is Bingsoo?

It is a famous Korean dessert made of finely shaved ice, sweetened milk, rice cake, and for some variations, mixed fruits, sweet red beans, green tea, yogurt, and even coffee!

Our orders

I ordered the Green Tea (because I love matcha a lot!) Bingsoo with sweet red beans toppings while my husband ordered the Fruits Bingsoo and for both of us, we also tried the mixed Milk and Milk Tea soft served.

I liked them a lot especially my Green Tea Bingsoo because it’s not very sweet for my taste and the ice shavings are so fine that it felt so smooth in the mouth. I find that rather refreshing because I have eaten Halo-Halo in the past and the ice shavings are rather course but still gratifying. I enjoyed eating the small rice cake cubes on top of the sweetened red beans. I didn’t need extra sweetness since the sweet red beans added that mild sweet punch to the Bingsoo.

The Fruit Bingsoo has strawberry syrup at the base and cuts of strawberry, banana, and kiwi. It’s okay but I still gravitate to my matcha flavored Bingsoo.


Where can you find the Korean Bingsoo in Dubai?

This yummy dessert is served at Mealtop which opened last October 2017.  Mealtop’s location is very apt for the cool dessert (pun intended!) in this sizzling (another pun and I am having fun throwing these puns in!) cosmopolitan place that is my second home, Dubai. It is located at La Mer in Jumeirah, near the public beach and Jumeirah Mosque.

Mealtop serves the following:



Soft serve and Parfait


Light bites like waffles, honey bread, and ice cream crepes and beverage like tea, soda, water, and coffee.


Price range:

I’d say it’s in the mid-range where a bowl of Bingsoo is AED 34.


There are ample of parking spaces in La Mer so don’t have to worry about parking.

And the staff are awesome! I like happy people and they are happy bunch over there!


If you want to know more about Mealtop, check out their FB page or call 04 355 0468.

FB:  Mealtop UAE

IG: @mealtopuae


Visit Mealtop and enjoy their cool treats!