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I love plants. I can’t grow or sustain one but I really love flowers and small bushes. As we all try to bid farewell to the harsh winter storms raging throughout the Northern part of the world, the beautiful spring blooms are just raring to come out and show their full and colorful glory.

Europe has a beautiful landscape and climate that many countries there enjoy lovely spring time.  And spring is the perfect time to view the most beautiful flowers you can see and appreciate for that season.

Here are few of the well-known botanical gardens in Europe. It is worth visiting especially if you love nature like I do.

Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, The Netherlands

I visited this garden last March 2015. It is a huge botanical garden located in Lisse, The Netherlands. It’s very close to the city centre so if you are planning to visit this beautiful garden, you can simply add a special tour package that will take you to this magical place.

This place have millions of flower bulbs planted and each year, it opens to the public form late March to mid May and closes again for new planting as per their new theme. So if you want to see plenty of tulips in various colors, shapes and forms, and other floral showcase then this is your garden go-to-place in Holland.


Padua Botanical Gardens, Padua, Italy

The gardens begun around 1545 and considered as one of the oldest in Europe. It is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage site.

A circular wall was built around the garden to protect it from plant thieves. It also has herbarium and library with an extensive collection of volumes and manuscripts about history and bibliography. The garden also has a vast collection of medicinal and poisonous plants.



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Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France

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The classic artist, Claude Monet, loved to paint in this garden. His famous The Water-Lily Pond paintings show the noticeable bridge and pond in one artwork, and more of the water-lilies found in the garden in Giverny. Giverny is a small town in Normandy, just 75 kilometers North East of Paris.


Gardens of Versailles, Versailles, France

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Versailles is famous for its opulent palace and the former residence of Marie Antoinette. That is not the only grand thing about the whole of Versailles. There is also a vast garden designed by André Le Nôtre into a very elaborate, extravagant, and formal French Garden for King Louis the XIV.

The garden boasts of magnificent statues, flower beds, well-tended lawns, fountains and even a Grand Canal. Between April to October, every weekend, the fountains are celebrated in what they call Grandes. Eaux fountain show. If you’re visiting France, head on to Versailles and check out this amazing palace and garden masterpiece. You can book a tour at Viator.