For the keen globetrotter, there are many things which you might want to get out of a travel experience. Something that most people will want, however, is to see something unique, something which you can only see in one place in the world. When you see something of this kind, there is an inherent excitement, because you know that you have been able to witness something which you would not be able to see anywhere else. This is the kind of experience which makes world travel truly exciting, and which really helps to nourish the soul. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the planets around the world where you can expect to see something genuinely unique. Visiting these destinations will certainly give you a range of experience only a few people have.

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Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Of all the kinds of things you can only see in one place, when it has to do with animals it can be especially exciting. One of the best examples of a unique global experience concerning animals is to be found in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. This, not surprisingly, is where you can go and see the world-famous komodo dragon, one of the earth’s most interesting and unique creatures that have ever lived. The fact that you will get to see this amazing animal is hopefully enticing enough, but it might also help to know that you can also simply go to the Komodo National Park for its beautiful sights. What’s more, if you take a look at, you will see that you have plenty of options for villas and other kinds of accommodation, so you won’t be short on places to stay.

Sichuan, China

Although China is home to a great many world firsts, and historically it is the culture which has invented a great number of rings still in use today, there is one sight in particular which you might want to consider if you are keen on a cultural treat. The Leshan Giant Buddha can be found in Sichuan, and it is one of the world’s most remarkable sights of all. This is an image of the Buddha carved directly into the mountainside, around 233 feet tall, and it is a truly remarkable sight which might be about the largest image of the Buddha anywhere in the world. What’s more, staying in the nearby Panda Inn can ensure that you have an especially enjoyable and fun time as well.

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Northern Territory, Australia

Although such man-made images can be a remarkable sight indeed, there are few things more breathtaking than natural rock formations of a great magnitude. Probably the greatest and largest of three in the world is the famous Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, located in the Northern Territory in Australia. Despite the name of the state, Uluru is actually located more or less slap bang in the centre of the continental land, and for those who have never heard of it it is a particularly fascinating expanse of rock. For the aboriginals, it is a sacred place, and is still revered to this day in this manner. For tourists, it is an entire day out and a possible place to go hiking and trekking. You can expect to see some great views from the top – or if you want to just go and see it from beneath, then that alone can be enough to surprise you. Visiting Uluru is, for many people, a surprisingly spiritual experience.

British Columbia, Canada

Canada is a vast and stunning piece of land, and it’s well worth an extended trip of its own if you want to really get a flavour of its culture. But some of its best sights are completely natural occurrences which seem supernatural, and arguably the most fascinating of these has to be the Spotted Lake in British Columbia. The native Syilx people of this land have seen the Spotted Lake as being a truly god-like place to see, and this remains the case even for the least adventurous tourists to this day. It’s hard to describe it if you have never seen it, but essentially it is a lake in which the water evaporates in summer and leaves small mineral pools behind, which are surprisingly diverse in their colour. Visitors should not trespass on the land here out of respect, but you can see the lake’s effects from a distance and it is still quite a sight – and utterly unique, as there is no other lake in the world (that we know of) which produces this same effect.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

How about seeing the largest salt plain in the world? This is a true natural wonder which you simply can’t replicate, and once you have seen it you will likely never forget a sight such as this. Well, there’s only one place for it, and it’s in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, South America. This absolutely incredible sight is one which many people will be jealous of, but be prepared: it is not the easiest place to get to, and it might b that you need to plan ahead a lot in order to fit it into your next travel itinerary. Still, as long as you are happy doing that, you should find that it is the kinds of place you want to visit again and again and again.


The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

While we are on the topic of completely bizarre natural occurrences, another absolute must-see is the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, the bizarre result of a huge volcanic eruption which occurred about sixty million years ago. Essentially, this cooled and caused cracks in the ground which are still visible today, and it makes for a sight which seems completely impossible – so impossible that local legend says that it was actually created by a giant’s hand. This is a World Heritage Site, and not for no reason, as there is nowhere else in the world where you can see this precise combination of factors in play together.

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South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand has often been touted as being one of the ultimate tourist destinations, and there are so many beautiful and wonderful things you can see there which make you understand just why that might be. Of all the sights in New Zealand, however, one which does stand out particularly strongly is to be found on its South Island. The sight is known as the Pancake Rocks, and it’s located on the Western edge of the Paparoa National Park. So why Pancake Rocks? Put simply, because layers of limestone and sandstone have gathered on the floor of the ocean and led to severe erosion over many years, leading to outcroppings of rock which strongly resemble flat pancakes. This process took about 30 million years, and as with all kind of erosion of that length of time, it produced a unique sight which you just aren’t going to see anywhere else. A visit to New Zealand may not be considered complete without going to see the Pancake Rocks on the South Island, so bear that in mind if you are planning a visit to this beautiful country.


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The Nazca Lines, Southern Peru

So far we have mostly been looking at sights, natural and manmade, which have arisen due to a known reason or methodology. However, there are just as many things in the world which are unique for the very fact that we are not quite sure of where they came from or why they are there. A particularly fascinating example of this can be seen in The Nazca Lines, located in Southern Peru. The Nazca Lines, if you have not heard of them, are a collection of stunningly unique geoglyphs which you can only see in their entirety from a great height. Around 300 figures include images of people, animals, plants and geometrical shapes and lines. Not much is known about their creation, but it is generally assumed that they are the product of the pre-Inca Nazca culture, between 200 and 600 AD. Today, the lines are protected as a World Heritage Site. There are many theories about the Nazca Lines, but to formulate your own you will need to make sure that you go and visit them for yourself.


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Mont St. Michael, France

We will finish with a man made wonder, and one which is criminally under-visited given its sheer splendor and grandeur. The Mont St. Michael is what is known as a tidal town island, meaning that it is the entirety of a small island – and the effect of this unique situation is simply astonishing to witness. Mont St. Michael is located off the coast of Normandy, and is also a hugely historical destination too. Its Gothic Abbey housed prisoners during the famous French Revolution, and so is unique for that reason as well.

As you can see, there are many unique sights around the world, and more than you can probably visit in a year. Get started on this list and you will soon find that you have seen some pretty exceptional and original sights.