There’s nothing like spending a year in a strange and exotic culture to really broaden your mind, and there are online organisations that have dynamic projects on the go that are aimed at helping the local community. This type of organisation would have a wealth of experience in placing youngsters in the right environment, and the projects are designed to get the best out of the volunteers, with leadership and team building skills a main focus. If you are thinking of such an adventure, here are just a few of the skills you will develop.

1.  Develop Leadership Skills – If you have what it takes to be a leader, then Vietnam volunteer programs will bring it out in you, and by spending a year working on community development projects, your leadership skills will develop accordingly. The scope of the programs allows the volunteer to develop in many ways, and anyone who does demonstrate leadership skills will be given a challenging role that will bring out their best qualities.

2.  Understand Other Cultures – A developing country such as Vietnam holds a wonder of new and exciting experiences for the young volunteer, and by adapting one’s ways to suit the new environment, the volunteer will be exposed to a different way of life. If, for example, you come from the UK, you couldn’t find a culture more removed than Vietnam, and by living and working with the local community, the volunteer will gain a deeper understanding of another culture. If you would like some further reading on working abroad, there is an interesting guide online that outlines the pitfalls and offers useful tips on starting afresh in a foreign country.

3.  Working with Nature – The Vietnamese people are surrounded by natural resources, and every project would be designed around those resources, and with the ability to have some input, you can really get to grips with the practical issues that farmers encounter in this fertile land

4.  Organisational Skills – By being involved in your chosen project, the volunteer will have first hand experience in organising the work schedules, and by working with other team members, you will have some valuable hands-on experience in working at grass roots level in this amazing land that is called Vietnam.

5.  Independence – This is one area that most young people are eager to develop and as a volunteer, you will be given a degree of independence, enabling you to learn first hand. The fact that you will be thousands of miles from home is also something that builds independence and the program organisers will ensure that not everything is done for you, allowing you a high level of freedom and independence.

The program is developed with the above qualities in mind, and all it takes to make contact with an established volunteer program organiser is a simple online search, and after some browsing, you will be better informed to make your project selection. Once you have made a booking, you can begin to prepare yourself for what will surely be an uplifting experience and one you will never forget.