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My family and I are big travelers. We always make it a point to travel together annually to our choice-of-the-year destination. And with that, we often leave the house by itself during our week-long sojourns. Are we concerned about our house’s security? Definitely! But we’re not really that scared about someone breaching the security and safety of our home because we live in a high-rise building with a tight security personnel and system everywhere. No one is allowed to come in as security system is in place so you can check if your home is safe from breaking in and unexpected accidents. That gives us the chance to do home security audit when we come back from our leave.

How about if you don’t have the same living conditions as ours? Here are some tips to help secure your place while you are on the go.

Cancel or put a hold on your subscriptions while you are away

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One tell-tale sign of an empty house is the number of unattended subscriptions and mails piling on the gate or your doorstep.

If your subscription has an option to put a hold while you are away, avail of that. If not, maybe you can ask a relative to swing by and collect the mails on a regular basis. You can also request your trusted neighbor to pick them for you only for the duration of your leave.

Secure your premises with security cams and motion detector lights and alarms

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Security cameras are deterrent to thieves let alone a combination of alarms and lights that will get triggered when the security system is compromised. Some security cameras have features where you can track them on your smart phone and can disable and enable other security features with a click.

Install alarms in your doors, gates, and windows to ensure that your place will be secured while you are away.

These types of security is really worth investing and I will definitely recommend that.

Have some of your relatives or trusted friends to come and house sit while you are away

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I have friends who leave their keys to us so we can check on their place and bunk in if we want to just to keep the house secured while they are on a long vacation. You can do the same. Have an entrusted friend or relative come over and stay while you are on a sojourn to house sit and keep things running even when you are away. This is another way of having your subscription issue sorted.

Keep some lights on

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Whenever we go on a long vacation, we keep some lights on in the house to give off the impression that someone is in there. We usually leave the kitchen, back yard, and few rooms on to illuminate the house and give that lived-in feel.


So, if you embark on a vacation with the whole family and you want to secure your home, follow these tips and enjoy your vacation without the worries!