Gone are the days where we need to sacrifice our favorite movies and shows for the sake of travel. Before technology took over the way we watch movies and TV shows, we have to literally skip several days of not watching our favorite TV shows because we are away and cable wasn’t a thing yet. And neither, there was any in-flight entertainment to keep us glued watching our favorite shows onboard.

Traveling can also affect our time and budget for watching movies. Most travelers would rather keep the money for buying movie tickets while abroad and add it to their daily expense for the trip. Also the time spent while traveling is usually eaten by tours, and other outdoor adventures. Well, aren’t you glad that those are the thing of the past now? Cable. Internet. Streaming. Yes, they have arrived to aid our viewing pleasure.

Now that we are truly enjoying the fun benefits of having these kinds of technology within reach so we go about our travel plans without having to sacrifice our entertainment needs like catching up on our favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix while on the go.

I am hooked with Netflix. I make it a point to sign in my account as soon as I get in the hotel to catch up with episodes of my favorite TV shows while my husband watches some movies from our shared Netflix account.  I don’t necessarily need to download movies while we are flying long-haul as the in-flight entertainment onboard provides us the much needed viewing we crave to while away our time. But you can do that if you want.

Of course, when there is free public wi-fi, we take a break from walking around in some nice cafe or parks (especially in NYC! I can connect even in the public parks in Manhattan!), sit and binge-watch our missed movies and shows. It does help us in a way because it relaxes our tired legs from all that sightseeing. And would you believe, we are not alone in this binge-watching activity! I can’t help but look around and see some of the people who are also busy watching from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This is not a phenomenon, folks! This is quite the norm now as more and more people watch their favorite flicks and shows from Netflix. And the same goes here in the Middle East.

A survey from Netflix reveals that 34% of users in the Middle East watch their favorite shows while traveling by plane, while 26% watch their favorite shows on the bus, train, or car during their daily commute. I find myself in the 26% as I also watch Netflix while traveling by train after work and the half hour commute does help me chill (and not minding curious “side viewers” watching along on my smartphone) and get back on my fave shows.

Netflix is something I thank technology and the advancement of media for. Imagine the many days and nights of not knowing what to watch while traveling especially if you are booked in some small time hotels in other countries where the only available English channels in their cable were the news.

So, if you’re an avid Netflix-er like me and my family, and you always travel and don’t want to miss out on your fave shows and movies, here are some amazing trivia to share so you can line up some nice flicks and shows while you are out and about.

6 hours – embark on a binge-fest of a full season or mix it up with:

–          The Crown

–          Orange Is The New Black

–          Narcos

–          Making a Murderer

–          Ozark


1 hour – indulge in an episode of:

–          Mind Hunter

–          Riverdale

–          Master of None

–          Stranger Things

–          Jessica Jones


15 mins – short on time? Get your Netflix fix with these cliffhanger free shows:

–          Santa Clarita Diet (I don’t even like Zombies but this is too funny!)

–          Bojack Horseman

–          The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I am hooked! Such a funny series!)

–          Jerry Seinfeld (I bought a special edition CD of one of Seinfeld’s show long time ago. Glad I can catch him in Netflix again)

–          F is for Family


You just got to love Netflix!