If you are a person who enjoys driving your Jeep, you know how important it is to have good quality tires. Without good tires, your Jeep – no matter how new it is – will not drive properly. Quality tires contribute to your safety while driving on the road. They may cost slightly more, but good quality tires are more durable. This way, you won’t have to replace your worn out tires so frequently.

The parts of your Jeep that are constantly exposed to traction, grip and abuse from the different surfaces of terrains are the tires. The type of ride in your Jeep will depend on the performance of the tires. Tires for Jeep Wrangler have to be incredibly tough and durable to hold up under pressure. Tires with worn out beads have to be replaced immediately for smooth and safe rides in your Jeep.

Additionally, if you want to have larger tires, then you have to get a lift kit for your Jeep. The choice of Jeep lift kits will depend on how much and where you want your vehicle lifted. There are the body lift kits and suspension lift kits, each one specially designed to suit your Jeep. Getting a lift is necessary to fit larger tires for great ground clearance and negotiation for larger obstacles.

The front bumper is where the winch and off-road lights are mounted. It is also the place that receives a lot of the damage in some car accidents. After going through boulder-strewn trails, it is usually your Jeep JK front bumper that needs replacing. Both the front and back bumper are important and are attached to absorb impact. There are four types of Jeep bumpers.

The Stinger Bumpers is shaped like a boomerang. It is a triangular tube extension at the middle that tips upwards at a 45-degree angle to form a hoop. It keeps the vehicle from toppling over if the Jeep rolls into an obstacle. It is also used as a ramp, which helps the Jeep move over and around obstacles. This bumper gives more protection to the car.

A stubby bumper is shorter than other bumpers, since it spreads as wide as the grille’s length. These bumpers are suited for highways and terrains where the tires can run free and unobstructed.

The Off Road Recovery Bumpers provide a means to pull your Jeep out of ruts if it gets stuck. These bumpers have lights installed for night uses, as well.

Tubular bumpers are two tubes that run across the front of the Jeep and have a large looped tube across the center. These bumpers provide basic shielding from obstacles, but are not suitable for towing purposes.