Just the thought of packing for a vacation can be enough to make you want to leave everything until the last minute, however, you know in your heart that’s really not a good idea. In fact, the earlier you can reasonably make a start, the better. If you allow enough time you can properly plan your packing and make sure the clothes you want to bring are clean, the medications you use are in plentiful supply and you won’t run out of essential toiletries while away from home. Always check in good time that any necessary paperwork, for instance visas and passports, are up to date and valid.

Quality not quantity

Obviously, you will be packing to suit the weather at your destination so choose climate appropriate gear and if you’re unsure go for light layers so you can warm up or cool down easily. Clever packers often opt for clever clothes, such as reversible tops, coats, shirts and dresses. That way you can get two different looks from one garment. Most people pack too much and find they return home with clothes they haven’t worn so reduce the quantity when packing. Choose items that you will get more use from, for example, zip-off pants will turn your beach wear shorts back into full length or cropped pants again to wear for the cooler evenings.

Smart moves

When you are packing smaller items make the most of the space by folding or rolling stockings, socks and scarves and putting them inside shoes. If you like to fold tops try doing two or three at the same time as they will crease less if folded together. It can help if you choose one or two main colors for your vacation wear and assemble your outfits around them, so that you have plenty of matching items. Choose comfortable shoes and perhaps some hiking boots if you are likely to be walking a lot and spending a lot of time outdoors, especially if you are traveling to someplace such as Canada where there are some amazing walking trails.

Stay comfortable

Most travelers like to stay fresh and comfortable, and whether you are taking a flight, a train journey or a road trip, it’s useful to keep small essentials handy, such as wipes and tissues, so you can always freshen up easily. No need to sacrifice your beauty routines either, there are plenty of ingenious products available in small packages at www.asseenontvstore.com to keep wrinkles at bay, maintain smooth skin and even give your eyebrows a rapid makeover.

Accessorize your look

Finally, choose jewelry and accessories that will enhance your outfits – they are smaller and easier to pack than extra clothes and by changing them around you can easily adjust your look. Neutral colors tend to work best for bags and shoes as they are more likely to match other garments and each other.

Always keep your valuables in a safe place, including your travel documents, credit cards, cameras, phones or any other items that are important to you. Enjoy your vacation!