From the outside, it seems as if business travelers are incredibly lucky. Working while being abroad is something the majority of employees would kill for in a job. What could be better than sitting by the pool and messing around on the laptop? The truth is that business trips are not as fun or as exotic as they appear. There’s lots of commuting, stress, and no time to see the sights. Still, there’s no reason to assume that business and pleasure don’t mix because they do.

Here are the worst parts of working away and the solutions.

Dingy Hotel Rooms

Anyone who likes living in a hotel for weeks on end is mad. There can’t be anything more boring while you are away from home. The only saving grace is the privacy, but you would much rather be in your own bed. To stop depressing hotel rooms driving your crazy, you have to book into a decent establishment. The room should be clean, the pool swimmable, and the bar atmospheric. That way, it is possible to wake up every morning and get out of bed without wondering “when will it end?!” Plus, the nightlife always helps to take off the edge.

Economy Seats

Flying is great when you do it once or twice a year. When you do it a couple of times a week, the novelty wears off quickly. Budget flights are cramped, noisy, and drag on longer than physically possible. If only you could sit in the first class section – that would be amazing. Well, it is possible if you rack up enough air miles over the course of the year. The best American Airlines credit card allows you to purchase items and pick up points along the way. Once you have enough, you can trade them for a better seat on the plane.

No Free Time

People assume there’s little work to do and lots of sights to see. In reality, the bosses have you working around the clock and there is no free time. When there is, the last thing you want to do is check out the local cathedral. A cool trick is to fly to your destination in advance and take in the culture. Single people don’t have commitments, so it’s perfectly acceptable if you are unattached. Another tip is to mix work with the local lifestyle. Instead of sitting in a hotel, you can go to a coffee shop in a vibrant town square.

Public Transport

You haven’t been on a bus for years, yet you have to take public transport everywhere in a foreign city. Like back home, it’s long, boring and smelly. Travelers may enjoy the “experience,” but you want to get to work and back as quickly as possible. An affordable and realistic option is to hire a car. As long as you have a license, you are eligible to drive. Plus, picking it up and taking it back to the same place cuts the cost in half.

Business trips aren’t perfect, but they are manageable. So, do you think this tips could work for you?