There are roughly six types of motorcycles. The most common is the standard street motorcycles we see around us in town or when we are driving on the road. Street motorcycles are designed to be riding on the paved roads. Most of these street motorcycles can speed up to 160 km/h and some even can go more than that. The sitting position of these motorcycles is an upright position because the foot pegs are below the seat of the rider and the handlebars are at a comfortable height. They are cheaper than other motorcycles and the petrol consumption are lower than most.

Cruiser motorcycles are more comfortable because the riders are seated with their feet forward and the handlebars are higher than the street motorcycles. Sports motorcycles are designed for high performance on paved roads. These motorcycles have high foot pegs where the riders have their legs closer to their body to improve ground clearance when cornering. The riders are seated with their body leaning forward. Dual-sports motorcycles are sometimes called All Terrain motorcycles. These are street machines which are also designed to handle off-road riding. They are higher than street motorcycles and have tall seat height which allows good suspension when travelling on rough ground.



All motorcycles need tires to run, whether on the road or on off-road. Choosing the right tires for your motorcycle makes a lot of difference. There are two types of street tires – tires with an inner tube and the tubeless tires. Tires with an inner tube are recommended for wheels with spokes. Tubeless tires are recommended for cast wheels. To know more about the types of tires for street motorcycles and all terrain motorcycle tires, you can go online to search and read them in more details.



While motorcycles need tires to run smoothly, motorcycle riders need proper safety attire for their protection from injury. In fact, all motorcycle riders should have on their riding jackets whenever they are out riding. Choosing a high quality jacket that is durable is important as it offers protection from injury in case of a fall or a crash. Most jackets have padding on the shoulder and elbows to protect from burns and abrasions. The jackets are have reflective gear for extra safety for riders while riding at night.


Jackets come in different materials, styles, and brands and you can check out the wide range of jackets online. You can also see more jackets here at this popular motorcycle website called Wearing a jacket is not only for protection but also for comfort and fashion.