The weekend is closing in and it’s time to line up a plan. Where do you search for information about exciting things to do? The New York Times? The Washington Post? Ironically, while there is a plentitude of major media available to people these days via Smart Phones and Tablets, the fact is that much of that media is communicating news of major world events. People today can easily learn in detail about what is happening in major cities from New York to Tokyo, but when someone wants to find out what’s happening in the local park, it’s best to follow a reputable local news source.

Without a doubt, the news that really affects most people is the news of what’s happening in a local neighborhood or town. Of course, news of global events is fascinating, which is why there is so much media attention given to it. But it can be hard for people today to sort out all the details of what is happening in big cities like New York and Paris, London and Berlin. Many of these worldwide events are interesting, but they don’t actually have an impact on our daily lives.

Stay Local and De-Stress

With so much world news so readily available to people today, the opportunity for heightened stress is a reality that can’t be discounted. Today many psychologists advise people who become over worried by exposure to the news to step back once in a while and totally unplug. That, and getting more involved in a local community is much more reassuring than getting caught up in every aspect of a local news cycle.

For people who live in the San Fernando Valley, san fernando valley events are what really matter. The same goes for residents of Malibu, Studio City or any of the other local communities in Southern California. In the final analysis, news of a local school district vote or a local carnival or robbery will impact a person’s life more than the latest news from Washington, D.C. Because of this, local news outlets are thriving, as people gravitate to what matters in their neighborhoods and communities.