Have you ever tried bobsledding during winter time? Did you feel the rush of adrenalin and your heart pumping as fast as the twist and turn of the bobsleigh? How about doing it downhill on ordinary season without any safety helmet, just a safety seatbelt and a lever brake?

Fun Bob. That’s the name of the place in Alpe Campo Rimasco in Italy. It’s a unique outdoor adventure because the whole family can enjoy.  The descent is about 1850 metres starting from a restaurant at the Alpe Campo and down to the base where you could rest and enjoy the cool, alpine air in Valsesia. The descent will last around more than 2 minutes depending on your speed.

It is open during summer and also during weekends in October before the winter season sets.


(Photo credit: tripadvisor.nl)
This is a video I have taken from YouTube from the Rifugio Alpe Campo which runs the place. Thrilling!!!

(Credit to owner of the video)