Are you afraid of heights or you’re the kind of adrenalin junkie who loves daring activities while on vacation? Well, if you belong to the latter then welcome to the world’s top scary cliffs. You may want to visit them and test your fear factor.

While the views are breathtaking from the cliff area, I know that no matter how beautiful mother nature is from where I will be standing; I guess I won’t have the guts to even go there. I’ll just be satisfied looking at their scenic vista through the internet.

Daring tourists and thrill seekers may find this list helpful. Go ahead, book your next trip to the world’s top scary cliffs.

Faro de Los Morrillos, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful white limestone cliffs of Faro de Los Morrillos. They may look solid but they could only be few inches and some may even have holes which can be very fragile. One step on the wrong limestone ledge and you will plunge to the ocean below and can become one of the many people who have perished in this place.

Preikestolen, Ryfylke, Norway 

This ledge is like a big squarish stone atop the mountain with no safety rails nor barriers to deter curious people from getting too close to the edge. The flat surface is almost 2,000 feet above the Lysefjord.

Chang Kong Cliff Road, Huashan Mountain, China 

Only wooden boards were nailed to the cliff for visitors to hold on to with added safety harness. Visitors are advised to think twice before ascending on the cliff to visit the temple attraction on the top as only one person is allowed to traverse it at a time.

Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, China 

Here is another scary cliff attraction in China. This attraction is a cliff walk that is attached 4,000 above sea level on Tianmen Mountain. The cliff walkway is a mere 2.5 inch thick glass and 3 ft. wide which separate you from the precarious fall below.

Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal, Ireland 

Reaching the Slieve League Cliffs will require visitors to traverse the One Man’s Path. It is aptly named because only one person can wal at a time in the narrow path. If you slip, a quick tumble of almost 2,000 feet awaits you down into the open ocean. Ireland is known to have wet weather most days in a year so it is very dangerous to go there because of the misty weather which makes walking very slippery.

Cliffs Of Moher, Galway, Ireland 

The narrow paths along the cliffs are very hazardous. Plenty of visitors choose to ignore the warnings and get close to the edges and are blown off and fall 700 feet into the open ocean. Bikers are not recommended to go here because some of the ledges are unstable and some have already collapsed. However, the bold and the daring will still find the Cliffs of Moher a must-see when in Ireland.

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  1. Yikes! I can never go to any of these cliffs. I'm afraid of heights. One of my friends was able to go to the Cliffs of Moher because she lives in Ireland. I'm amazed at the pics I saw on her Facebook wall.

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