Vacation time again! I know! I know. I just went on a long-haul trip last April and where in the world am I going again this time. Well, hubby and I are flying back to the US for a 12-day vacation. We will stay with relatives in California and will spend few days in Las Vegas to unwind.

Photo by Robbie Noble on Unsplash


Year after year, I am more  excited in exploring new places even if it is a flight back to a country I am very familiar. I still consider it a great time to learn new things, visit new places, and get to know the locals.

I planned 3 trips this year but let’s see about the third one if time, leave allocation, and budget will permit. Hubby and I are planning to spend few days in Europe to experience the Christmas Market Village. However, it is still in the offing. If it doesn’t push through then I am still happy that I get to travel again.

As long as we can travel, as long as we can finance it, traveling will always be a part of our regular routine.