When you first start to think about planning a trip, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s usually something connected to the reason behind the trip! Because you’ll often find that you need a break, or you want to see a particular site, or you’re excited to experience a new culture. When it’s the first in the list, you’ll often find that adding a slice of luxury to your travels will really allow you to relax and unwind. Because there’s nothing quite like indulgent travel to make you feel like you’re having a break. So, to make sure you can kick back in style, here are the treats you should add to create the perfect luxury trip.


First Class Travel

It’s always nice to be able to kick your trip off in style, so you should aim to add your first simple treat to your choice of transport. Whether you’re taking the road or flying high, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your travel. Flying business or hiring an executive car can not only make you feel more relaxed, but help you to relax and unwind in gorgeous surroundings that were made to make your life easier. And what could get you off to a better start more than that?


Accommodation That Keeps On Giving

Going hand in hand with your choice of luxury transport should be the kind of accommodation that makes your experience effortless. And that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the most expensive of spots either. With stunning hotel rooms or a classy apartment service such as Studio Z Extended Stay Hotel & Lounge, you’ll have everything you need. Make sure you choose a spot with a pool for dipping in, endless room amenities and enough food and drinks to fuel you during your stay too.


A Session In The Spa

For when you’re really in the mood to indulge yourself, you should think about heading to a spa. Even if you’re never one for a spa break, indulging in a few hours of blissful pampering at a nearby resort can help you to really switch off and unwind. Whether you opt for a massage or facial, you should find that it adds the perfect luxury touch no matter where you’re staying.


First Class Dining

With all this relaxation, you’re really going to work up an appetite. So, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got somewhere to fill you up with the finest in food too. Whether you’re heading east or west, there are plenty of indulgent restaurants across the country that should tick all of your boxes and ensure your stay has a flawless finish.


A Private Pass

And of course you’re going to want to add a luxury touch to your cultural experiences too, right? So wherever you go, be sure to book a private tour or viewpoint for the most in-demand attractions and events. Whether it’s a private box at the ballet or an intimate tour of the vineyards, by ensuring that you have prime viewing and the most knowledgeable hosts, your experience will feel like it was curated especially for you.