The Great American Road Trip is a rather proud tradition for stateside travelers. There’s no doubt that it saw some decline as air travel became cheaper. However, now that air travel seems to be suffering a lot regarding customer service, there are more people taking to the roads than ever. Many are finding it isn’t always the picnic they expected it to be. However, while the same gorgeous routes are still out there, there’s a new modern convenience you can add with a little preparation. In keeping you safe, comfortable, and entertained, here are a few twists to add to the next trip.


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Never lose yourself again

We’re not going to advocate that you research every single destination you plan on stopping at because where is the fun in that? However, having a route planned out in advance, knowing where your gas stops and your sleeping spots are, is important. There are tools like Roadtrippers available now that can help you plot out your journey through just about any road in the country, highlighting everything you might want to know on the way. You don’t have to stick rigidly to that route. However, if a turn or a stop catches your eye and you want to go explore, just make sure you know how to get back to the plan before you go veering way off it.


A little breathing room

In the past, the only really comfortable road trips are those that made use of RVs. Older fashioned trailers might add a little more space but they weren’t exactly convenient to use. Nowadays, however, a teardrop trailer can prove spacious enough to carry what you need, but comfortable enough to heighten your camping experience, too. Some of the more modern models even contain quality features like USB chargers and power outlets so you never have to worry about your smartphone running out of juice. With cooking and refrigeration features in some, modern trailers allow you to actually have a more diverse range of stops. You don’t have to worry about reaching that motel if you can just stop up somewhere, cook your family dinner, and camp right there.


There’s an app for that

Let’s not make any mistakes. Boredom can become a serious factor on a road trip. While you should try to make the most out of the sights and stops, sometimes you just get stretches of road with very little to appreciate. It can be good for a little Zen time here and there, but you’re going to have to think about on-the-road entertainment. Your mobile device won’t only help liven things up with a great road trip playlist. Party games like Bluff Wars and What Would You Choose can provide a few hours of entertainment. They don’t have to prove a distraction the entire way, but only to lighten the mood so no-one feels like the trip is becoming a waste of time more than anything.

While modern convenience is all well and good, don’t forget that the road trip is supposed to be an old-fashioned exploration. Don’t prioritize screens over sunsets and don’t let DMs dominate.