Everyone needs a vacation now and then, and this includes your dog or cat. Why ask someone to check on your pet when you can leave them at a pet hotel? There are plenty of luxury pet hotels that make your pet feel right at home. Here are some of the services offered for dogs and cats at a pet hotel.

Dog Boarding Services

Club or Signature Suites: You can choose between a Club or Signature Suite for your dog. The suites include a raised orthopedic cot, two play sessions and a bedtime biscuit. There are several additional features for the Signature Suite, such as glass privacy doors and sound-proofed walls. You can view your dog on the community or private web cam.

Daily Care: The staff at the pet hotel makes sure your dog receives the care he needs each day. He is given up to three premium meals and four potty breaks a day. The daily housekeeping creates a clean, safe environment for your dog. You can even add room service to the amenities.

Calming Atmosphere: The staff works hard to create a calming atmosphere for your dog. He is greeted with a friendly voice and soothing background music, and he is always comfortable in the climate-controlled surroundings.


Cat Boarding Services

Luxurious Boarding: The cat wing is kept separate from the dog wing to keep all pets happy and safe. You can choose between a standard or window penthouse condo for your cat. The glass fronts make it easy for your cat to explore and become familiar with her surroundings.

Cozy Condos: The condos are separately vented to keep your cat healthy. Every condo can accommodate up to two cats, but your cat only stays with a member of her family. Your cat is sure to enjoy the cozy bedding found in each condo.

Multiple Levels: The cat towers feature several layers for climbing and playing, and there is plenty of room for your cat to take a nap. The lowest level features a private litter box.

Daily Care: Your cat receives the love and attention she needs during her stay at a pet hotel. This includes up to three premium meals a day, and you can ask the staff to stick with her home diet.

Your four-legged friend is always in good hands when you leave them at a luxury pet hotel. You can rest assured that your pet receives the care they need while you are on vacation.