Every traveler will know that there are times when not all the flights they can book are direct ones, meaning, no stop overs. There are many reasons why some travelers choose to travel with stopovers because of time difference, physical exertion to go through long haul flights, cheaper fares, or the schedule does not work well with the preferred time of the traveler. What ever the reasons are for choosing a stopover over a direct flight, here are simple and very useful tips to enjoy the few hours you have inside a certain airport during your layover (granting you cannot leave the airport due to time constraints).

Check out the Duty Free Shop

Did you forget to buy something special for your family back home? How about checking out the shopping trends in that particular layover destination or buy a simple token for yourself while you are in a new airport in a different city or country?

Check out hot selling items in that particular Duty Free shop and you can compare them once you are in your destination or back home. You might even be lucky to snag discounts or deals in the Duty Free where you are having a stopover because some Duty Free shops run regular sales.

Grab a grub at one of the restaurants

We sometime need a break from airline food so my family and I usually buy food from the foodcourt or restaurants. Although skipping meals in the airplane is complete your choice and really mandatory for this matter. If you feel like trying out a different cuisine or want to check how the meal tastes like in a certain food outlet then dining during your stopover is another choice you can make while making the most of your stopover.

Relax at the Spa 

Yes, there are spas in most airports around the world; and no, they are not only for First and Business Class passengers. There are dedicated spas and lounges for the elite travelers but for people like us who travel coach, we can also enjoy the relaxing services offered at the spa in the airport. An example of this is Abu Dhabi’s Tosa Spa in Terminal 3.

XpressSpa has plenty of accessible spas for travelers to use around the US, in Amsterdam, and in Dubai. Their spas are open to all kinds of travelers where you can enjoy a quick mani/pedi, hydrating facials, and even massages.

Take a walk

Sitting in a tight quarter inside the airplane can be very taxing. You need to get that circulation moving so the best way to do that is to also move. While some airports have gym facilities that are available to business and first class passengers, other travelers may decide to brisk walk around. You don’t need your active wear to be stretch those legs and walk; however, I hope you are not wearing those killer stilettos while traveling too (trust me, there are people who wear stilettos while traveling).

Read a good book

Have you been trying so hard to read that book you told yourself but never had the chance to or stuck in that same page? Well, your few hours in the airport may just be the right thing to have to get on with your reading.

If your trip has to have a layover and this is nothing you can beat, just enjoy the few hours you have inside the airport to unwind and discover new things about the airport. You will be surprised to know that there are many ways to utilise the time that you have while waiting for your next flight. Enjoy it!