One of our most common holiday complaints is that, as lovely as our destination was, it was full of people like us. Okay, so that seems like an odd complaint, but it’s true. When we go on holiday, many of us aren’t keen on spending our free time with so many of our fellow holidaymakers. All they will ever do is remind us of home, work, and the stresses that we have traveled to avoid.

This is why it is always a good idea to pick a destination that’s a little more unique. Not aiming for a place without tourism entirely, but somewhere that isn’t solely devoted to it. Somewhere stunning. Somewhere not unlike Sri Lanka; the crown jewel so many people overlook. Sure, it’s not going to be without its tourists – but it also won’t feel like you’ve stumbled into the midst of spring break holiday season.

Sri Lanka is a small island nation off the coast of southern India. And like India itself, it is home to a great deal of nature, beauty, and relaxation.

Unlike India, Sri Lanka is quiet, compact, and possible to see in a short time. Everything you’re about to read about can be seen in a 5 Days 4 Nights Sri Lanka itinerary with time left over to kick back.


There are many places in the world that are referred to by locals as “the eighth wonder of the world”. With Sigiriya they may have a point. This ancient rock fortress complex is Sri Lanka’s most visited destination, and when you see it, you’ll understand why.

The Mirror Wall is covered by ancient inscriptions of pilgrims; even over a millennium ago, it was a must-see spot.

The site is a former Buddhist monastery built from volcanic rock, Sigiriya is visually stunning and architecturally fascinating. It’s definitely a place to stop off at.


One of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities, Kandy may not be the capital, but it is the city to see on your Sri Lankan holiday. Here is where you find the legendary Temple of the Tooth – a structurally remarkable attraction with an ancient relic at its center. Next to it, you will find the human-made Kandy Lake, but walk on a bit further for a real treat.

The Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is a spectacular forest reserve right in the city itself. Nature lovers can indulge their eye for rare birds and animals, with countless indigenous species found here.


If you make the trip to Yala National Park, then you’re in for something special of the feline variety. This is where you will find the highest concentration of wild leopards anywhere in the world. If that one sentence doesn’t have you digging out your passport… maybe check for a pulse!

The park is home to many other species as well, but let’s not kid ourselves: leopards are why you’re going to visit. And you should; there’s nothing quite like the chance at observing these magnificent beasts in their own habitat.