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You have been dreaming about that spring break trip for so long and when you finally decided to finalize the trip by booking your ticket and hotel accommodation, bam! There is no more available seats and the hotel rates are twice as much as you have last checked. This scene is too familiar especially if you have been in this kind of sticky situation before. But don’t be in the same predicament again. Plan ahead to avoid disappointments.

Your dream spring break can happen smoothly if you follow these steps:

Check the validity of your travel documents

If you are planning for a trip that involves traveling outside the country, then before you actually plan for your spring break trip, check your travel documents’ expiry and if they are well within the validity.

Decide where to go

Is it going to be a long road trip or just across the coast or you want to travel to other countries during your spring break? This is one of the major thing you have to do before you travel. This will be the focal point of your spring break preparation; that is, to know where you will go. Is it going to be in a hot place? Perhaps in a cold spring in Europe? Wherever you decide to go, this will be the start of your planning stage.

Check visa requirements

It is important to check for visa requirements if your trip will take you abroad. However, if your nationality belongs to those who actually can travel visa-free from many countries across the globe then you are lucky. All you need is to check your passport’s validity to ensure it is valid for at least 6 months or more when you travel outside your country.

This is not necessary for local trips.

Plan in advance

It is always advisable to plan at least 6 months early when traveling during high or peak season like spring break time.  Decide on the date when you want to go and check various online sites for packages for spring break. Some website and tour operators offer great deals when booking in advance. When you finally zoned in with your budget and have decided on the place, then you may start reserving for that package for a wonderful spring break vacation.

Check your car

If the long road trip is your thing for spring break then time to check the safety of your car. Have it checked by a professional who can vouch for your car’s road-safety worthiness. Do not consider driving your vehicle without having it checked thoroughly. Your safety is your primary concern too.

Book your tickets, car rental, tours, and accommodations

After everything has been decided and planned, now is the right time to get that deal, pronto! For air travelers, there are plenty of airlines offering early-bird deals so grab this opportunity to save money. Book your hotel accommodation now to secure that limited offer promo deals for early bookers.
You may want to reserve that bus tours as well to reserve your seat in advance so you don’t cram the last minute upon arrival in your destination. Do you want to visit spring gardens, museums or monuments? Take this time to do all your booking at once.

For those who are going on a road trip and do not have a car to drive along, now will be the right time to secure your rental, whether it is a family wagon, a car, or even an RV!

So, are you all set? Then pack your bags and get ready to go. Have fun!

(Photo credit: background photo from Eugene Quek/Unsplash.com)