The preparation of traveling can become a nightmare when not planned properly to some who are just starting to get the feel of traveling. There are plenty of things to consider before packing your bags, and actually going. If you are less experienced, then the list below will certainly help you get on the right track on what you must have when you take that trip abroad. And for the seasoned traveler, it will be good to keep these things in mind as new items may come up that is not in your previous list to help you take that wonderful trip abroad stress-free!

Travel documents

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This is on top of your travel must-have list. Your travel documents consist of your passport, visa (when required), air ticket, hotel/tours booking confirmation vouchers, travel insurance, and some copies of your debit/credit cards and passport just for precautionary measures. And why is it important to carry spare copies of your travel documents? Nobody wants to lose any of his or her important travel documents in a foreign land. It is best to have extra copies kept in your locked luggage.

Laptop Backpack with many compartments for gaming accessories

For you to be a complete travel blogger like myself, carrying a laptop computer with you is necessary. As much as you can accomplish some assignments with smartphones, others are better on laptops. The same applies to a traveler who like gaming.

For instance, if you are a professional gamer, you will need your laptop, other gaming accessories and a source of internet to access gaming sites such as, internet casino sites and video game sites. Most casino games are better played on a laptop computer though sites such as have dedicated android and iPhone apps.

For you to carry all these and more other travel essentials, you need a quality laptop backpack with spacious compartments and many pockets.

Power banks, universal chargers and plugs

These are things that you should not go without, as buying adaptors abroad can be costly. I remember paying €7 for a single electrical adaptor because I didn’t bring mine.

A power bank will also come handy when your gadget’s power is depleting and have no ready access to an electrical outlet.


Pack only travel-sized bottles of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other bath and body products. Bring enough that will last the whole duration of your stay as most of the hotels abroad have free toiletries for their guests.

Debit and Credit cards

Cash is the universal way of paying for the goods and services provided to you here and abroad. However, you may want to keep at least one credit card and a debit card (usually tied to your savings account) intended for your travels.

I do not usually carry too many cash on hand because most establishments abroad like souvenir shops and restaurants accept credit and debit card payments.

Pen and notepad

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For travel bloggers like myself, I always carry a pen and a small journal notebook to write down my thoughts about the place and the distinctive details I have to remember when writing my travel posts.

For most travelers, having a journal and a pen at the ready is a good way to document their travels and write down all the important details, names of places, good places to eat, price of souvenirs and other local goods, and other tips they can share to others upon their return.


Carry some vitamins to supplement your diet while on the go. If you are taking regular medication for your condition, then it is advisable to bring enough to cover the entire trip and some extras for unexpected delays or cancellations of trips. If you have kids along, also bring small first aid kit and medication for colds and stomach flu.

Neck Pillow

Whether is it a short flight or the ultra long one, carry a neck pillow to make sleeping in the flight, or train a bearable and comfortable one. A neck pillow also help prevent neck aches that can dampen your vacation.

Camera/Smart phone with GPS app

Taking a trip abroad is not complete without a camera and a smart phone that has GPS apps installed. Your camera will be highly used taking scenic vistas and capturing beautiful memories each day in your foreign adventure.


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You smartphone can also act as your interactive map without the need to carry paper copies of maps and brochures. I always carry my smartphone with me, rather than flyers upon flyers of maps and brochures because they are cumbersome to carry around in your bag. Before leaving for my trip, I always download interactive map of the city I am going to visit. It lessens toting papers around which adds extra weight.

Zip lock bags

You will never know how handy these zip lock bags in various sizes will be until you need one. I always carry few zip lock bags with me. I use the smaller size to keep all our passports, cards, and other travel documents in one place and moisture-proof too.The other zip lock bags can be used to store snacks and other toiletries so they do not mess up your bag.

Spare laundry bag or trash bag

I like everything in order and that includes soiled clothes and undergarments. Carry spare jute bags or trash bag, neatly folded inside your luggage that you can use later on to store dirty clothes and underwear.

Small tri-fold umbrella/foldable light raincoat or poncho

Any of the items I have mentioned above will be highly required during excursions, hiking or even on biking escapades. Check the weather forecast on the country you are visiting to ensure that you have the right accessory to help you stay dry during outdoor activities.

This list is important to help you on your travel planning and organization so you do not encounter any hassles during your vacation.