Let’s Go Adventuring! Four Vacation Ideas For The New Year

Christmas is almost upon us, and most of us are too busy preparing for the festive season to remember the fact that the new year is nearly upon us! As difficult as it may sound, try not to get totally lost in your Christmas festivities. Remember that this time of year isn’t all about eating sandwiches made of leftovers and drinking more than is probably good for you. It’s also a time of renewal, of the slate being wiped clean, of fresh starts and new possibilities. Here are some ideas of vacations that you could go on in 2017 to extend your horizons and learn new skills.
Go Skiing

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If you hate the winter, then trying out a winter sport is a good way to learn to love it. A lot of people have already tried out skiing, but if you haven’t, go to your nearest practice centre before you go away! Be prepared that you might take a few falls but make sure that you have your helmet on, and chances are you’ll be fine. It may be cold but you’ll be wrapped up warm and the skiing will keep you warm too! Not only will you get fit and healthy learning to ski, but the views will be incredible.

Learn A Language

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Is there anything in the world that feels more romantic than flying to Europe to learn Italian in Italy? Learning languages is extremely difficult unless you’re immersed in them, so it’s a great idea to take a vacation to learn for a week or two. A lot of language schools teach in the morning before running an afternoon activity in the city you’re in – or you could spend the time you aren’t in classes by yourself, learning about a new city and trying to practise your new language skills.

Take a Writer’s Retreat

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If you’ve always thought that you had a novel inside you just waiting to be written, try going on a writer’s retreat. Take your laptop, go away alone to a remote cottage, and immerse yourself in writing. Take walks each day to make sure you get some fresh air and inspiration and to admire the scenery around you in your chosen destination. You could also go on an organised writing retreat, where you can learn from fellow writers and a number of author mentors. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Giving yourself definite aims by the end of the week or a word count that you must hit won’t be helpful. Coming home with fresh determination to write is all you need.

Find Yourself Through Yoga

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Take a trip to India to learn yoga in an authentic environment. If the stresses of the modern world are lying heavily on your shoulders then it’s time for you to try to discard them and learn how to destress. Yoga is great for both your body and your mind – strengthen your core muscles, eat some good food, and feel yourself calm down and learn how to relax.

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