There’s nothing better than discovering a beautiful waterfall while on your travels. After all, it’s picturesque and something you and your family will remember forever. In fact, some people book a holiday just so that they can specifically see a waterfall. After all, they are some of the most spectacular sights on earth. Therefore, here are some unmissable waterfalls around the world that you need to travel to see that will leave you breathless.

Gullfoss in Iceland

Iceland is known for its stunning beauty. In fact, millions visit the country every year to see unforgettable sights such as the Northern Lights! And there is also another reason why you will want to head to Iceland this year. The stunning Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland is simply magnificent. It draws so many tourists every year, and it’s often named one of the popular tourist attractions in the country. It is situated on the Hvítá river in the southwest Iceland. The iconic waterfall sees water plummeting down 32 meters into a rugged canyon. And don’t worry about not visiting in the summer; a lot of people say it’s even more beautiful in the winter season.

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Niagara Falls in Canada

The most iconic on our list, Niagara Falls in Canada is a top spot to visit. In fact, it draws millions every year who go to see the amazing sight. It’s located on the US and Canada border and falls into two separate sections. You can visit the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side which is the famous as it drops an incredible 173 ft.  And if you don’t want to cross the border, you can see the American Falls which is spectacular! Canada has so many other things to offer including a wide array of outdoor sports. Just make sure you check if you need an eTa on

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Angel Falls in Venezuela

Another beautiful waterfall which is not on people’s radar is the Angel Falls in Venezuela. The waterfall is not that well-known, despite being one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It’s situated in the rugged jungle and drops an incredible 3,212 feet. You can see a picture of this beautiful waterfall on Venezuela has a lot of other things to offer including several beautiful national parks such as Mochima National Park.

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Havasu Falls at the Grand Canyon

Closer to home, you need to consider visiting the Grand Canyon. The famous landmark sees millions flock there every year to witness the visual beauty. And as we discussed before, you can even camp there to ensure you get amazing views of the sunsets. But there’s another reason why you should visit the landmark, and that is because of the amazing Havasu Falls. The beautiful waterfall which is situated at the Grand Canyon is beautiful as it plunges over the bright red rocks. In fact, it’s a sight that you will always remember in your lifetime.

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Hopefully, you will have fantastic pictures you can display in your home if you do venture to one of these waterfalls soon!