Autumn is fast approaching. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Autumn for 2016 is on 22 September 2016. In countries with 4 seasons, the changing of season from summer to fall tends to be tricky in temperature and weather forecast.

If you’re planning a nice autumn travel and is unsure of what to wear to keep yourself warm or pleasantly comfortable during the day, then consider the following tips when deciding on what to bring on your trip.

Check on the weather forecast of your destination

I usually check for a monthly forecast and I also check the actual weather a year before to give myself an idea on what clothing to bring. An example of this is my recent trip to Budapest next Saturday. I have been checking the forecast week after week to see any difference on the weather. Few weeks ago, the weather indicated rainy to thunderstorm during my stay and last night when I checked again, the weather is around max of 26ºC and lowest of 12ºC. So it means, it is a bit comfortable for me during the peak of the day so I can carry a lighter cardigan that I can fold and keep in my bag if it gets too hot. I can also carry a thicker sweater for late afternoon to evening stroll.

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Check forums

I usually check forums in Tripadvisor where I am a contributor. I ask locals about the weather few days before my trip so I can plan my outfit. I don’t want to bring a thick jacket when it’s not even that cold. You also have to bear in mind that each person will have different tolerance to coldness. I have a very high tolerance to cold weather; hence I enjoy winter time. So for me, a nice light sweater or cardigan and a warm shawl can do the trick to warm me up.

Contact your accommodation’ concierge and ask for tips

I emailed the owner of the apartment where I will stay in Budapest this weekend to ask for tips on what to wear. I was given many tips so I can decide from there.

Trial test at home

This is perfect for those with air condition unit that has thermostat control you can manipulate. Test it by putting your a/c to the lowest temperature you can bear with just wearing light cardigan. If you still feel very cold then perhaps it is wise to pack on that puffy jacket then.

Research the web

The web is teeming with plenty of information and resources where you can check on what to wear during autumn. You will find tips on what to bring for your travel including types of jackets or sweaters you can bring so you can layer when needed.

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Autumn is the onset of the burgeoning winter. So the wind can be cold and biting so bring clothing that will help you stay warm and comfortable. Bring something you can layer around and remove when you feel a bit hot and sweaty.