While traveling, you will need to find a motel to stay in unless you know family members in the area who have an extra room that you can use. There are a few tips to keep in mind for getting the best deals on a motel room at places that include Newport Beach Motel and almost any other location in the country. 

The first thing that you want to do is to look online and compare the prices of hotels in the area. If a hotel isn’t to the fullest capacity, especially during a busy time of the year, then it will often reduce the prices of the rooms in order to get each one filled. The same thing goes for the off-season as hotels will lower prices on rooms just to get people in the hotel as it’s usually not busy. Some hotels will compete with each other after finding out that one business offers a lower price for a weekday or a lower price if you pay cash. This gives you the control over how much to pay for the room at times as the hotel needs your business. 

Before booking the hotel, find out the total cost. Most hotels will display the amenities that are included, but there are some that have access to a gym or a spa but won’t include those extras in the price of the hotel. Some of the smaller hotels that don’t advertise on large travel sites might not have all of the popular amenities, but they are often operated by families and offer lower prices on the rooms. 

When you get to the motel, ask about coupons. Most motels will have a small coupon book in the lobby with discounts for restaurants and attractions in the area. This is a way to save money while having fun with the family. Also, ask if you can get a lower price when you get there if you pay cash for the balance of the room. Some hotels don’t want to pay the extra fees associated with using a credit or debit card and enjoy working with cash better.