Unravel America’s full potential as you visit some of the most amazing locations. The US boasts a number of fun places for tourists to check out, so why not look around for somewhere that suits you?

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The USA isn’t a location that appeals to a specific demographic; it’s more of a ‘one size fits all’. It has something for every group, young families can enjoy a beach holiday, or older couples can embrace Times Square.

1. Disney World

For those looking to keep little ones occupied, this is the number one choice. Known worldwide for its abundance of excitement, it’s worthy to turn adults into children. Meet all of the Disney characters as they walk around the theme park. There’s plenty for the whole family to-do with places to eat, drink and enjoy rollercoasters. Based in Orlando, Florida  has a list of other fun activities you can participate in too.

2. Mount Rushmore

Many of us wish to visit this monument at least once in our lifetime. Mount Rushmore showcases the sculptured faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The artistic work is a breath-taking experience for tourists to enjoy. Tick this one off your must visit places with Mount Rushmore being one of the places we would all like to see.

3. South Beach
This Miami based beach is a famous holiday hot spot. Known for surfing, skateboarding and rollerblading it is a beach with a twist. The front stretches across the Atlantic and brandishes a variety of eating facilities plus more. You can take part in the beach activities as it encompasses a wide-range of things to do. Visit the beach gym or sit-back and relax in the beautiful weather.

4. MGM Grand

Apply for a US visa today and enjoy a break in Las Vegas, Nevada. Used in many films this location is portrayed as a crazy city of gambling, socialising and sporting events. Elite boxing takes to the stage in Las Vegas with the MGM Grand Casino hosting the world’s biggest sporting events.

5. Grand Canyon

Another scenic location of huge magnitude, this is one of those ‘bucket-list’ experiences that most wish to see. The American icon is based in Arizona and hosts natural views sure to astonish all sightseers. This 227-mile all-rounder is a truly impressive wonder that will inspire all that choose to take a trip.
The USA is a desirable place that visitors travel around the globe for, that American dream is something that pulls in all nationalities. It makes for a fantastic holiday and there’s more than just one destination to absorb. For anybody that enjoys adventures, this is the country for you. There are great places for sightseeing, theme parks, water parks and natural wonders. There are plenty more must-see locations too, take a look at other incredible places such as San Francisco, Boston and Times Square. You could embrace shopping in New York for the weekend or even venture further with options to apply for Camp America places as well as 30 day travelling trips that are available online.