It may be too soon to think of winter. With the sweltering heat here in the Middle East, it can’t be helped but dream of vacationing to a far away land where there is snow and coldness. Well, the snow can be optional but the coldness is not.

The temperature here in the Middle East can be unrelenting and the best way to get your mind of it is either to go on a trip and stay out of the extreme summer heat or plan your upcoming winter travel so there is something to look forward to. Besides, planning early can provide savings as online travel providers and accommodations offer savings and deals for early bookers. So, take advantage of that.
Here are some best winter destinations that I think will be perfect for the budget savvy travellers. These countries have affordable accommodations and lots of winter activities to offer to their guests too. Check them out:
Southern California
Winter is not as harsh as the other counterpart states in the East in this sunny state of California. Los Angeles and San Diego will be best bet to visit this winter for people in the Middle East. Comparing the winter of the Middle East to that of Southern California, it can still be bearable.
Some major hotel chains and tour operators offer great savings for tourism during fall to winter as tourism is not at its peak during these time. 
There are numerous affordable ski resorts in Lebanon and you don’t have to go far.  The ski resorts in Lebanon are moderately priced compared to their counterparts in Europe and in the US. So, if your adrenalin is pumping and you need a high, take an adventure to Lebanon’s numerous ski resorts and traverse their snow-covered slopes. You have to know how to ski though for safety!


If you have extra to spare for your winter travel budget, then head on to Germany and visit many of their Christmas Markets in many cities all over the country. Visiting any of the Christmas markets around Germany is in one of my bucket list. I have yet to visit one though. So, if you plan to head on to a nice cold, wintry spiel for your travel experience, then Germany will be a good place to start with.

The Christmas markets open around November up to the first week of January.  Many famous cities in Germany is converted into a small winter wonderland that seem to come out straight from the fairy tale book. Enjoy the holiday spirit, local treats and the warm spirit around.

Budapest, Hungary

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Want to soak in the local festivities around Budapest during winter time? How about ice skates around the ice rink in the town centre? Maybe fill up your gastronomic experience with tasty treats while visiting the markets.

Hotels and tours are a bit affordable in this beautiful, neoclassical country compared to the other countries in Europe. They still use their local currency which if the Hungarian Forint. They accept Euro and other currencies too which you can exchange upon arrival.

Lisbon, Portugal

Another great destination to visit in Europe during winter is Lisbon. It is cheaper in this place compared to its flashier counterparts.

The temperature during winter, compared to the other European countries, does not go very low. On average, it is around 8ºC (low) and a high of 15ºC.

Well, these are some of the winter destinations that may bid well for Middle Easterners who are not very fancy of the harsh, wintry snow. These destinations have moderate to cold winters and that depends on your preference if you feel like braving the snow and escaping the still hot winter months of the Middle East.