Europe is a great destination to visit especially for people who loves culture, rich in history and very admirable art. Aside from art, it is also full of scenic places which are perfect for great photo op for tourists like us.

Going to Europe has given a misconception to new travellers. They think Europe is expensive but honestly, some parts of Europe are really expensive while there are other countries that you can visit in a budget and one of that is Hungary.

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe and is bordered by several countries like Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, and Serbia. It also a part of the Schengen states so if you are planning to visit any Schengen states and have been issued a multiple entry, or you do not even need a visa in most European countries, then you may want to consider Budapest as your next destination.

Their Affordable accommodations

Point in case, I checked 3 nights stay in a very decent but low star hotel accommodation in Rome near the Termini and compared the same rate of the 3 nights’ stay in one of the Accor properties in Budapest, near a metro station and within walking distance to most places of interest. Both properties are in city centre, near a train station and in walking distance to major touristic spots but the hotel in Budapest is still cheaper considering it is a 3-star property and the one in Rome wasn’t.

There are plenty of types of accommodations to choose from like apartments for families or group of travellers, a hotel, hostel or B&Bs.  And you can also book yourself to one of the many luxurious properties in the heart of Budapest and yet, the price you will pay will still be very good compared to other European countries.

Their Thermal Baths

Hungary can be very cold during winter time but their thermal bath is frequented regardless of season. Budapest is teeming with baths, including medicinal baths. The Hungarian city has plenty of natural springs and and wells that has plenty of beneficial minerals which they use for the medicinal and thermal baths. There are plenty of resorts and spa-type accommodations where you can relax and enjoy yearlong.

You may want to check out the Gellért, Széchenyi and Lukács Baths in Budapest when you visit the beautiful city.

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Their Affordable currency

Even if Hungary is part of Europe and a member Schengen state, it still uses its own currency – the Hungarian Forint. Forint is not a strong currency compared to the Euro. Although Euro is widely accepted, the Forint is still the currency used in Hungary.

Their Places of Interest are within reach

Budapest is a small city and most attractions can be reached on foot if you’re up to it. You’ll be surprised to know that there will be tourists attractions in both Buda and the Pest side. So no matter where you want to go for your accommodation, there will still be enough places to go around.

Their Night Life

Budapest is not only arts, history and culture. It is also a good place for night life. Parties abound in Budapest and you can be sure to enjoy the pub and bars around the city for a sample of their beers and night life.

Their Castle and Fortress

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Budapest is like a romantic town plucked from the pages of a fairy tale book because of its splendid architecture including a castle and fortress in the heart of the city. The Buda Castle, Citadel in Gellert Hill and the Fishermen’s Bastion are some of the iconic structures to visit while in Budapest. You will be in awe with their beauty and structural formation’s mixture of bastions, turrets and imposing walls.

Their Caves

Yes, Budapest has intricate caves under its beautiful city. You can visit the following if you feel like walking inside one of the caves in the city, make sure you bring warm clothing and wear your hiking boots.

These are the 3 caves in Budapest: Pál-völgyi Cave, Szemlő-hegyi Cave, and the Castle Cave in Buda Castle.

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Their Local Food

Budapest is teeming with restaurants and food outlets. You can find areas in Budapest that are specialising in cafe and restaurant business. Sample their staples and enjoy the local cuisine.

Why Budapest? I say, why not?

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  1. No wonder why Budapest should be in one's next target place! Sure that when we actually go at the said place, we will definitely see how beautiful it is!

  2. This post is loaded with so much information, Sis. Thanks for refreshing my salty sucked up memory, I actually forgot that Budapest is Hungary's capital. Lol!

    I'd love to plunge into the medicinal bath. It must be very therapeutic.

  3. I want to try their thermal baths. It is perfect to warm up especially in the winter. The castles are a must to explore too. I want to learn how the royals live.

  4. How I wish to travel but financial constraint always stop me from doing it. But I am contented with my life – to my level – and really aiming in the future.

  5. Another great place to visit, if only I have the luxury to just travel from one place to the other. I would've been flying here right now. You did provide a very detailed information about the place, locals and their interesting places and foods to try.

  6. Hubby had been there and wanted to take me. Sadly, I could not go. Thanks for these info. One day we might visit.

  7. Oh Budapest!!!! You know sis it was the compute game Carmen Sandiego that made me sooooo interested in visiting Budapest! My golly I would do everything in my powers to visit a place like this!

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