If you ask people what they wish they could do more of, a lot would say to travel more and visit more places. There’s always an excuse not, but mostly it comes down to costs. But, travelling doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Here are a few tips and ways of travelling the world for a lot less money than you think so that those wanderlust dreams may become a reality!

Travel in Low Season and Shop Around
When booking a long or short haul flight, always be aware of the season you are travelling in. European flights are going to be much more expensive in July and August as these are their peak months. Visiting them in Spring or Autumn will still give you the warm weather, but cheaper flights and less tourists.
Check on a few comparison sites before booking as well. Even if you find a good deal straight away, it doesn’t hurt to keep looking just to be sure. Some companies are cheaper if you book directly with them, but many comparison sites also offer pretty impressive deals.

Try a Home Exchange
If you own your home, a home exchange can be a great way of enjoying a virtually cost-free vacation. There are many programmes you can sign up to, where you contact the owner of a home you’d like to stay in and discuss a swap. If you’re concerned about having strangers in your home, you can meet before the swap. But remember, you will be staying in their home as well, so the majority will treat your home as they would like theirs to be treated.

Work While Travelling
If you really want to explore an area and get a taste of authenticity, think about volunteering and working while you travel. Sign up to a volunteer programme and you will be able to choose from a variety of jobs. While most aren’t paid, they usually provide you with accommodation and lodgings. Mixing with the locals and other travellers can be a great way of socialising and interacting with people you wouldn’t normally have met.

Live in an RV
Travelling long term can often rack up costs in accommodation, but a popular way of keeping these down is by buying an RV. It works out much cheaper than paying rent and hotel bills, and gives you the flexibility to travel around wherever and whenever you want. There is maintenance and upkeep that will need to be kept on top of, such as servicing and rv roof repair, but it will still work out much more cost-effective.

Live Frugally
Above all, be careful with your money when travelling. It is possible to travel the world for as little as you want, you just need a certain level of self-control. Try not to eat out too often and avoid souvenir shops. Purchase your food and drinks from local shops, and try the own brands rather than familiar goods imported in from home.