And my vacation leave went so fast and it’s over! Why does enjoyable, family time always end soon? I barely felt my vacation leave and here I am, back to the grind.

My daughter just had few hours here in Dubai to freshen up and we flew to Los Angeles last July 4. We arrived there with so much time to prepare to be able to watch the fireworks. We only watched from afar so I didn’t get to see all the celebration in our relatives place in Upland, California. At least, a bucket list item has been ticked – to celebrate 4th of July in the US.

The vacation was brief but fun. We went shopping, meeting friends, and I met with my Aunt who lives in Moreno Valley in Riverside. We didn’t get to visit Disneyland because the hubby and daughter got sick. Besides, the temperature during noon time towards the afternoon were unrelenting and I didn’t want my hubby and daughter to relapse. They needed rest, so we all took a break from walking and driving around the town.

Our last day was spent in Glendale with my hubby’s cousin. We didn’t go out much, just had dinner at Cheesecake Factory in The Americanas.  I liked the place. It’s like a mini Europe in the middle of Glendale. It’s very inviting and cozy to stroll around. But again, time was not our ally. We had to head home in few hours so a decent sleep was required.

So, we all had to go back to reality. My daughter is back in Manila for her classes and hubby and I are back to reality. Reality bites…It bites hard.