If you’re one of the many people who have been eager to visit Rio de Janeiro, not only because it is a great place to visit but because you are rooting for your team in the Olympic then I am sure you have already arranged for your travel plans many moons ago and is just waiting for the time to pack your bags and go. However, if you’re still stuck in making plans, don’t lose hope. It’s not yet too late. You can still book yourself a nice and decent accommodation and airfare and still cheer for your team.

Don’t be late in planning your Rio Olympics travel though. Every minute counts as we near the opening of the Rio Olympics in August.

Here are some tips to help you get by with your travel plans:

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It’s not too late. A lot of hotels and other accommodations are still providing future Olympic spectators rooms in their properties for a good rate. You can still snag good deals online, whether it’s in Airbnb, Booking.com, Trivago, Hotels.com, Agoda.com and many more.


Just like the accommodations, there are many options to enter Brazil for the Rio Olympics this August. If you’re one of those nationalities allowed to enter the country without any visas, then you’re all set, just book the flight, pay and go. However, if you belong to those who need visa, then ensure this is covered before you get your flights done.

You can check cheap airfares and make comparisons and also their availabilities by checking these sites: cheapflights.com, kayak.com, expedia.com, and the respective airline’s online site.

If you’ve made your plans, secured your visas (for those who require) and accommodations, then you can get the non-refundable rate which is usually cheaper than the flexible dates fare. The lesser the restrictions on airfares, the slightly expensive they get.


Visa is a form of a legal pass to be able enter in a particular country People who need visa to enter a country must apply before travelling.

Most citizens of developing countries require visa to enter Brazil. You can visit their travel and immigration site to know more about their visa requirement – http://brazilimmigration.com.


Travelling involves spending and you should have enough to support your day-to-day in Rio whilst enjoying the Olympics and possibly adding a tour on the side on your free days.  Brazil is not a very expensive country; however, prices may vary during the Olympic period as many people all over the world will be in Rio. Many business may capitalise on that but still, comparing to Europe, Brazil is fairly an affordable country to visit.

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Brazil is a very big country. And as most countries, there are petty crimes here and there, and with the Olympics on, there are other people from other parts of the world who will also be in Brazil to enjoy the Olympics. Practise caution and common sense as you would in a regular basis. Do not wear fancy stuff that may attract attention. Avoid going home alone to your accommodation and stay clear from rowdy crowds. Avoid going alone on unfamiliar territories and venturing to the “favelas” (slum areas). Do not carry too many cash and do not use very expensive bags. Conceal your mobile phones and high-end cameras. Also, try to be back to your accommodation by night fall.

You still have time to get all your travel plans sorted before the big sporting event. Once you are done, pack your bag, take the flight, reach your destination, relax, and enjoy the whole show!