Booking a flight helps you get to your destination faster, but between the tiny seats and annoying passengers on that plane, you might wish you made other travel arrangements. While taking a road trip in your own vehicle will take a little longer, you have the chance to see attractions along the way that you can’t see from an airplane. You can make stops anywhere you want and see more of the country. Whether you travel with friends or your family in tow, make sure you do three simple things before heading off.

Get a Vehicle Inspection

If you decide to take your own car instead of renting a vehicle, get an inspection before you start your journey. Most mechanic shops like Meineke Automotive can perform a complete inspection in just a few hours or less. This lets you know if you need new tires, if you need to change your oil or if there are problems with your engine that might give you issues on your trip. Unless you are absolutely sure that you car can handle the hundreds of miles or more that you’ll travel, get an inspection.

Create an Itinerary

Creating an itinerary is an easy way to get an idea of what you might see on the open road. There are many sites that let you plug in your starting destination and your final destination to see some of the roadside attractions and fun activities you pass along the way. You might want to stop at a zoo, a haunted mansion, a sports stadium or even an unusual museum. These sites also show you stops that are just a few minutes off your chosen path too. You’ll also find sites and attractions that you won’t see on a traditional map and sites your GPS doesn’t list.

Plan for the Road Ahead

Stock your car with everything you might need on the road. Make sure you pack a first aid kit and a cooler to keep cold drinks on hand. A bag filled with granola bars, trail mix and other portable foods can help you spend more time on the road and less time stopping for food. You might want to bring along a few extra chargers for your electronics and some travel games too. Doing these three simple things can help you truly enjoy your next road trip.