A lot of people have a fear of flying which is hard to overcome. You can try and beat it with therapy and by trying to make the journey comfortable as possible. But a lot of people can’t get past their fear so have to avoid getting on a flight. However, if you love traveling like me, you will want to see as much of the world as possible with your family. Here is how to have brilliant vacations, without having to get on an airplane.

Go on a road trip around the US

One way you can go traveling and have a brilliant vacation without having to fly is by going on a road trip. It’s an excellent way to see the world without having to get on a plane. You should plan a road trip in advance, so you know exactly where you will be going with your family. Book hotels to stay in so that you know where you will be stopping when you are on your travels. A road trip in the US is great as there is so much to see and do. You can find ideas for road trips around the US online that you can follow so that you get to see the most possible during your vacation. Remember to choose a car that you and your partner both don’t mind driving around in so that you can both take it in turns to do some of the driving. And remember to pack your passports and have plenty of cash just in case you go across the border.

Go on a cruise around the world

Another way you can have a brilliant vacation without having to fly is by going on a cruise around the world. Cruises are so fantastic for the whole family as there is so much you can do and see while on the ship. They have plenty of shops to look in, and the food options are great, as there are so many restaurants on board. You can all spend time by the pool while you are on the cruise ship, and there is plenty of entertainment in the evening. You also get to stop at so many different places around the world so you can still experience new things. Take a look online on sites such as Bolsover Cruise Club to find great deals on cruises for the whole family. Once you have been on one cruise, we bet you will want to go on one again.

Travel across the world by cargo ship

You can also have brilliant vacations without having to fly by traveling on a cargo ship. A lot of people would shake their head, but it’s actually nicer than you think. You have to book well in advance if you want to go as they have limited space. As this article reveals, global lines such as Canada Maritime and Bank Line allow passengers to travel on their lines for a nightly price. You will get your own guest cabins and can have access all around the ship. You often get food included in the price; it’s definitely a trip you wouldn’t forget if you do travel by cargo ship! Just remember that it will take a while to get to your destination so plan your trip well.

Go on trains across the world

Another way to have brilliant vacations is to consider traveling by rail around the world. It can be quite quick, and it’s an excellent way to see the world. Rail travel is particularly popular in Europe; a Eurorail pass is cheap and allow you to move around the whole of Europe. You can also get on trains across America and in Asia. Try and avoid commuting times so that it’s not that busy when you are on the train. If you are going to do an overnighter on a train, you should make sure to pay for the best class possible on the train, so it’s comfortable for you all. Remember to stop and explore different places on the way so you can get a break from the train. You could go with a tour group such as Great Rail Journeys. They will plan the whole trip for you across certain countries, so you get to see the most amazing sights. It’s often safer and easier than having to figure it all out yourself.

Remember that it’s not the end of the world if you can’t go on a plane on vacation. Camping and walking holidays are still just as fantastic, and will mean you get to experience new things as a family.