Most of us need a break from work to unwind and relax. Vacations and holidays are an important part of the year. They also give us plenty of quality time to spend with family and friends. Some people love flying overseas to somewhere exotic. Pampering and luxury sound like the perfect way to destress! Although camping isn’t quite as glamorous, it can also be the ideal way to refresh the mind, body and soul. Here is the essential breakdown of everything you need to know about camping:


Camping is about enjoying being a part of the landscape. Sometimes it’s about having some shelter when the weather comes in too! Tents are the quickest and easiest way to have somewhere to spend the night, almost anywhere you like. You could choose between a survival or pop-up tent that is lightweight and easy to assemble. Or a camping tent for all the family. Check out some camping tent reviews to find out what kind of tent suits you and the people you’re traveling with.

Getting There

Of course, you might be traveling in a camper van. This is your little home from home that you can park up and enjoy a feast and a snooze in the back. If you don’t have a camper van, then you need to consider how you will get to your camping grounds. You could drive and pack everything in the trunk. Or you might enjoy a cycling tour. Backpacks and saddle bags are usually enough to carry everything you need. You could also assemble a bike trailer to carry those extra bits pieces. Make sure you apply your sunscreen every few hours when you are out in the fresh air.


Not every place you stop at will have full bathroom facilities. You can buy little wipes that are effective for personal hygiene. It’s not practical to take enough water for a bath! If you like a hot shower, then plan your camping online. You can check reviews of the sites you want to stay at and book in advance to ensure a good spot for the tent and access to all the facilities you like. Some camping grounds also provide meals and dining facilities.


Getting a campfire going has become less of a chore over the last few years. Most people now carry portable stoves. They are lightweight and really easy to use. Of course, making a fire is one of the fun things about camping, and it will keep the bugs off you! Make sure you have matches in a waterproof bag and a little kindling you can keep dry too. Be sure to adhere to any fire marshal instructions for the area you stay in.


Some people are unlucky when it comes to insect bites. However, there are some really good repellent sprays that will keep them at bay. In your first aid or medical kit, make sure you have some sting relief cream and an antihistamine. Bigger critters like snakes and spiders rarely bother campers. However, if you are allergic to anything like bees, be sure to have your medication to hand at all times.  Happy camping!