All of us have memories of trips and travel experiences that stand out in our minds. Whether it was the activity, the people or the place, these trips are often the ones you enjoyed the most. We all also have trips that aren’t as memorable for one reason or another. Their details quickly become forgotten and overtaken by the unforgettable trips we’ve taken. None of us want to go on a trip that we will forget about as soon as we get home. Thankfully there are things you can do to make every trip one to remember. Use these easy ways to make any trip you take from now on far more memorable and enjoyable.

Go outside of your comfort zone

No matter how long your trip is, make a conscious effort to try something new each day. You can swing with dolphins at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Or touch real icebergs in Iceland’s Jokulsarlon Lagoon. Talking to strangers, solo travel and trying unusual delicacies are also options you might consider. Going outside of what you are usually comfortable with is a simple way to create a memorable trip. It can also help you feel accomplished and more confident, which are feelings that you can take home with you. So start thinking about activities that you might like to try but never had the courage to before. If it’s something that scares and challenges you, it will be even better.

Be present

While you will understandably want to take photos on your phone or camera, try to refrain from doing this too much. Seeing the world through a screen or lens is not the same as experiencing it first hand. Allowing yourself to be present for every second of your trip will help you discover more. When you are checking social media or playing with your camera, you could be missing the sights, people and culture of a place. So turn them off and use your eyes to capture the wonder instead. Not only that, being present is considered the best way to protect yourself from thieves and potential hazards.

Take your time

Having a packed itinerary is an excellent way to see as many places and attractions as possible. But it doesn’t give you the chance to learn and discover more. While you can driving from one location to another, you could be exploring one place more thoroughly. So to make your next trip more memorable, give yourself plenty of time to experience every part. You never know who you will meet or what attractions you might uncover. The additional freedom it can provide will also make you more open minded and less worried about your limitations. So visit few places and stay for longer to create a trip worth remembering.

So whether you travel a lot or very little, these suggestions will help you create memories you can remember for all the right reasons. Travel is something all of us can gain a lot from, so do whatever it takes to make it as memorable as possible.