So the summer holidays are almost upon us, and that means one thing, holidays! Grab your two piece and you your sun cream for the low down on some of the best holidays around.


The Greek islands are a fantastic place for a summer break. Beautiful weather, sun and clear blue ocean mean there are lots of opportunities for sunbathing. A good tip is to remember that the average temperatures get hotter the further down you go. This makes Greece the perfect place to holiday as you can practically choose your ideal temperature and book according.

The coastline on the Greek islands is beautiful, and there are so many islands to vacation on. Rhodes and Corfu are popular choices. Rhodes is a little hotter and has a fantastic old town to explore. It’s is also neat to the picture postcard town Lindos. Squat white buildings with blue roofs and quaint cobbled streets make Lindos a wonderful holiday location. If it’s culture you’re looking for, why not take a donkey rode up to the Acropolis or just relax in the beautiful warm sea.

Another popular activity when holidaying in the Greek islands is to take a boat side out into the sea for a BBQ and a swim session. The sea is cooler as it gets deeper, and there is nothing like sunbathing on a boat to top up your tan.


Another popular European location for vacationing is Portugal. Both the mainland and the Azores Islands have a look to offer holidaymakers. The food is a delicious blend of Mediterranean styles. Expect delicious calamari, fish and cheeses. Again the weather is gorgeously warm, and there are so many activities that you can do. Why not hire a Jet Ski, do on one of the Azores whale watching trips, or try paragliding? If you are looking for something a little less strenuous, just relax with an ice cold beer in a beach front cafe and watch the world go by.



A less well-known option for a great summer holiday is the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary. Composed originally of two towns, Buda and Pest. There are plenty of summertime activities to keep you amused here. You can soak up the culture of the old town by visiting the opera house, or get your groove on at the Sziget festival, which runs every August. The Hungarians are a dab hand at organisation. You can by a one day ticket, take a tent, pop it in a locker they provide and then pay a little extra to stay the night if it takes your fancy. Or you could just party all night and get the first bus back to your accommodation in the morning.

One of the very best things about Budapest is that although it is a landlocked city, there are plenty of chances to get the summer beach experience. This is because dotted through the city are open-air, thermal spring baths. These baths are huge, and they came with ample space to spread out your towel and sunbathe. What a wonderful way to cool off in the summer city heat.