If you get a chance to embark on a tour of Europe, there are a few places that are essential to stop at. Paris, London, Rome, and Berlin are just some of the incredible cities you can enjoy. Europe is full of interesting countries and interesting people. It could take many visits to really experience everything you might be keen on. But there are also many places that you really shouldn’t miss out on. Here are 5 places in Europe that should be at the top of your list of things to see:

Lapland (Finland)

Finland is a great country to visit. And a sauna is an experience you really shouldn’t miss out on! But Finland is also home to Lapland. Here you can find hundreds of thousands of reindeer. You also have an excellent chance to see the Northern Lights. Exploring the six National Parks in the region could easily use up all your vacation days! But the sights, smells, sounds, and experiences will all be worth it.

Norwegian Fjords

These stunning sights will leave you in awe at their magnificence. They can be explored on foot as well as by boat. Hiking in this region will certainly keep you fit, and your camera busy. Their beautiful forms create some of the most dramatic coastlines you’ll find anywhere in the world. And Norway has 29,000km to explore. There is a reason why so many consider this one of those once in a lifetime holidays.They are equally glorious all year round, but many favor the icier months to enjoy the spectacle of the Norwegian Fjords.

Zagreb (Croatia)

Croatia is much neglected when it comes to European destinations. Zagreb has an extraordinary number of museums. They provide a fascinating insight into this beautiful country. There are three parts to the city. The modern area is often avoided by tourists as it is considered the business center of the city. There are many skyscrapers here. It’s worth exploring the higher buildings if you can for the great views. The nineteenth century lower town is the most fun for visitors. Amazing restaurants, cafes, bars and theaters can be found down the cobbled streets. The Upper Town is a thousand years old and is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the country.

The Lake District (England)

This region of the UK is world-renowned for its beauty. It is very popular with walkers and hikers. Some of the published walks are incredibly challenging. There are also many paths for those just hoping to enjoy the views.


For some of the most beautiful flowers and amazing sea views, Madeira is a winner all year round. This popular island has always been a tourist destination, which might be why travelers often avoid it. But the wicker basket sled ride is something you must experience while you are here! Enjoy the food, the wine, and the beauty of Madeira.

These 5 lovely European destinations could each make wonderful holidays. Or you might just be passing through on your way to your next stop. Try not to miss out on these little gems of Europe next time you’re here.