I have always been fascinated with Maine and the many light houses in this beautiful state in the US. I haven’t been there yet but we are planning to in the future. I want to visit the place with my family especially my daughter because she loves to see a puffin bird, up close.

I keep telling her that we can visit some aviary so she can take a close look at her favourite bird. However, she prefers to see the puffin bird in their natural habitat and breeding grounds in Maine. I would like that idea too.

Maine is the northern most state in the contiguous US. It borders New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean. It also borders the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the east and north. Maine has easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, thus, making it a good breeding ground and habitat for the puffin birds who fly out to the chilly sea and come back during spring.

There are plenty of tour offered in Maine for puffin bird watching. Several places in Maine are home to many of these clown-looking birds who take shelter in the rocks’ crevices in the many islands of Maine such as Eastern Egg Rock, Matinicus Rock, Petit Manan Island, and Machias Seal Island.