I love Geography! I think, I was only 4 or 5 years old when my mum bought me an Almanac. It was thick, hardbound and had pretty, colourful pages, and information about weather, farmers’ planting dates, and many more. So, what is the relationship of that Almanac to my love for Geography. Well, that thick Almanac book opened another view of the world outside my own, outside my community, and outside my country. At that young age, I developed my love for learning more about other countries, their history, art and culture, the food, the locals, their customs and traditions, the many festivities in their land, and the beautiful places to see in their countries. Aside from the Almanac, my mum and dad also bought me coffee table books of other countries with glossy prints of famous places and destinations. That really cemented by love for travel and the world. I got hooked!

Kids these days are all hooked up on gadgets and online interactions are becoming a norm. Why not divert their fresh minds and let them explore more about the world around them by engaging them in Little Passports’ many fun activities for the young ones to know more about other countries?

You can subscribe to their kits to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Geography, the World, the culture of other countries, and other fun activities outdoors.

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