Houston is a great location where individuals can spend a couple of days to enjoy the city and then get inexpensive flights down to Central and South America. Many individuals who plan to backpack in Central and South America like to enjoy a couple of days in Houston before they set off on their journey. There are many interesting things to do and see, and transportation and hotels are inexpensive and readily available.

The city of Houston offers a variety of culinary experiences. Individuals can find inexpensive food, or they can have wonderful fine dining experiences. There are a variety of hotel options that are located near the airport. This means that a person can get a free shuttle to and from the airport, without needing to worry about paying for transportation or renting a vehicle. Using the public transportation system in Houston is very simple. There is one bus that goes from the George Bush International airport and will take a person to almost any place in the city they can imagine. There is a page online that explains how individuals can set up routes using the public transportation system, helping them get within a block or two of their final destination.

One of the most popular things to see in Houston is the NASA Johnson Space Center. This is a fun and exciting museum that goes over the history of NASA and talks about their many missions. Individuals can see how aerospace steel has been used to construct the vessels that go into space. They can learn about past missions. Basically, they can enjoy an entire day at this space center in order to enjoy a fun and exciting learning experience. Houston also has a zoo, other museums, small theme parks, and much more.

Before you go off to Central or South America for an exciting backpacking journey, make Houston the place where you make your connecting flights. Spend a couple of days enjoying the city. Take advantage of the hot water available at the hotel and the ability to enjoy delicious restaurants and the many other things Houston has to offer. It will not be long before you are enjoying beautiful rain forests, hiking volcanoes, surfing the waves, and experiencing exciting and fun culture in new countries. In addition to enjoying a great experience in Houston, you will likely save money by taking this travel route.