Having a weekend away with the girls is a great way of chilling out after a stressful time at work or in our home life. You can have a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to have a laugh. After all, friends have been found to boost our happiness and health. Here are some fun ideas for a girly weekend away!

A spa break

If you are looking for something that everyone will enjoy, you should consider going on a spa break with your friends. It’s a great way of everyone chilling out and unwinding while enjoying some fabulous treatments. You can often find packages where you get to use the facilities, as well as have some lunch and a treatment or two. You can also book some accommodation so that you can stay and have a cheeky bottle of wine in the evening. Then you can wake up in the morning and enjoy the pool for a while before you all head home.

A villa break

Another idea for a girly weekend away is a break in a villa. It gives you so much more privacy than a hotel to sit and chat with each other for the weekend. You could book one with a private pool so that you can have a lovely swim at the end of the day. They often come with beautiful surroundings so you can go for a long walk altogether. Some villas such as accommodation in byron bay offer packages where you can also get some spa treatments to help you relax.

A city break

If you all love doing some sightseeing, why don’t your organize a girly weekend to a city so you can explore together. It’s a great way to spend time with your girls as you can have a natter and take a lot of brilliant photos to remember the trip. Try and decide what you want to see before you go, otherwise you could end up all arguing over what you want to see first. Plan transport in advance, such as a sightseeing bus so that you can get around the city.

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An adventure break

Chilling out is not for everyone, so if you love adventure, why not organize an adventure break for you all. You may want to go to an assault course where you can get involved and have a lot of fun. Or you may want to go trekking if you fancy seeing some fantastic views. An adventure break is something you will never forget, and will likely bring you together closer as a group of friends.

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A skiing holiday

Hitting the slopes is a fun way of spending the weekend with your girls. Decide where you want to go ski and then book a lodge where you can all stay in. After hitting the slopes during the day, you can then all chill out in the evening for a giggle in front of the log fire. It’s a healthy way to spend the weekend and something you could do again in the future.

Remember to spend quality time together, and you will have a great weekend!