The Caribbean is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the world. So it’s not hard to believe that many of the tourists who visit the islands, choose to relocate here. If they live in overcrowded, bustling cities, the ideas of private beaches and island living sounds appealing. Buying property in the Caribbean doesn’t come without it’s challenges. So you need to be 100% sure that relocating is right for you and your family. Remember living here will not be the same as a Caribbean holiday. Here are some secrets you need to know that will help you find your little piece of paradise.

Research the islands

Before you do anything else, you need to pinpoint which island you would like to live on. To do this, you need a detailed map of the Caribbean and a laptop. Refer to the map and Google the names of each of the islands to find out more. Some might have more tourist attractions and beaches whereas others might be more secluded. In addition to this, you should also start researching what kind of real estate might be available and at what price. Search for Nevis real estate for sale, for example, to get you started. This should give you a strong indication of whether there are available properties that suit your needs and budget. Narrow your search down by discussing the pros and cons of each with your family.

Visit the island

Once you have decided upon a potential island, it’s beneficial for you to spend some time here. This will help you determine whether it has the schools, jobs and real estate that you require when you move. It also allows you to view properties, meet estate agents and talk to people about their relocation experience. If you are moving to an island where they speak Spanish or Dutch, you should also see how well you can communicate. You may find that you need to brush up on your language skills beforehand. Think of this as an educational trip rather than a holiday. While it will be tempting to lounge around on the beach all day, you’ll find it more beneficial to do more research.

Consider varying types of property

While you probably have ideas of a beach front property, these are usually the most expensive. Plus there are many disadvantages to living on the beach from corrosion to lack of privacy. So don’t rule out viewing the different types of properties available. You might prefer a townhouse or apartment instead. While the weather is a contributing factor to why you want to move, there will be times when you need shade and a breeze. If you think you have found your perfect home, visit it multiple times. You may find that it’s positioning prevents you from gaining any shade or protection from the sun. Or you may find that the properties in your price range are not up to standard.

These secrets will make buying your first Caribbean property and relocating a smooth transition. Island life can be a refreshing change to what you and your family are used to. Give it time and you’re bound to settle in wonderfully.