Spring is here! Most schools are already in their spring break mode. A lot may have already planned in advance for the spring vacation. However, if you are amongst those who are still in the planning stage when spring has sprung (no pun intended), then here are some tips to help you prepare your travel essentials.

Travel documents

This is the most important aspect of everybody’s trip – the travel documents. This applies particularly to those who are travelling overseas. Ensure you have your visas (if needed), plane tickets, passports, traveller’s cheque (if you prefer to carry this), credit and debit cards, vaccination cards (if necessary to your destination), travel insurance, hotel voucher, and land tours. It is really wise to have all these ready few weeks in advance.

If you are travelling by road, it is best to still carry a travel insurance just to make sure you can make claims if the needs arise, but I sure hope you won’t have to use that. This vacation is all about fun!


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Bring only what is necessary for your trip. Most hotels and resorts have provisions for free bathroom amenities including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and even body soap. You can bring few portions on travel sizes. If you are travelling by air, please always check the allowed size for bringing toiletries in your hand carry.

Flu shots and other inoculation required

Spring break doesn’t necessarily have to be heading out to the beach. For us expatriates here in the Middle East, our usual go-to places are the US/Canada areas, Europe and Far East Asia. Why? It’s because the spring weather is very inviting before we embrace the arduous heat of the long summer months. Even the locals prepare to go to colder climate to unwind and take in the beauty of nature.

So, it is necessary to also consider checking the vaccinations required for the country you are visiting. I remember taking a flu shot the first time we flew to the US during spring time. We were prepared for the allergies and whatever spring has in store for us.

Warm clothing

Why warm clothing? Well, spring in other continents can be cold unlike spring on the other side of the planet. With that said, make sure you also check the weather forecast just so you have an idea of what to bring. A light cardigan or sweater will be perfect.

I have had spring vacations in the US and in Europe. If I have to compare the two, both continents still have a rather “wintry spring” temperature. So, I always carry my puffy jacket as well. Just make sure you bring some warm clothing you can layer and remove when necessary as the weather temperature rises or dips towards the day.

Insect repellent

This is one of the necessity that I bring during my spring break travels. With the spread of Zika virus and other bug-related diseases out there, I always carry a small insect repellent ant also wear wear protective clothing like long sleeve shirt during my vacation.

Make sure you read the label before applying the insect repellent. Test a small area on your skin to ensure you are not allergic. Also, take caution when applying this to smaller kids.

Sun block, shades and hat

Just because spring time is a great weather to be out and about does not mean you have to ditch the sunscreen. You are still exposed to the sunlight when you are outdoors. Apply sunscreen when needed and wear those nice shades or hat to ward of the sunlight against your face.

Enjoy your vacation and make the most of spring!