Seeing a country on foot, from the ground, is a fantastic way to take in the sights. But what about something a little less conventional? Get a new perspective on a place by seeing it from the sky, the road or the sea. Read on to be inspired…


From The Sky
When it comes to seeing a place from a brand new perspective, surely there isn’t one more dramatic and breathtaking than this! Seeing a country from up above allows you to see things that you might not have noticed before. Or, indeed, things that you simply can’t see from the ground.
But how to get up there in the first place? One great option is via helicopter ride. There are some cities that are designed in such a way that this is a must. Take New York City, for example. With all of those skyscrapers, and huge Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty, it’s incredible to see them from above.

For something more whimsical, how about a hot air balloon ride? It’s a venture on many people’s bucket lists. With it being quite expensive, though, many of us never quite get around to ticking it off. But there are some places in Europe where it is more affordable. Take Turkey. Cappadocia’s incredible rock formations are amazing from the ground. But they’re even better amongst other colourful hot air balloons.


From The Road
There are dozens of benefits to seeing a country via a road trip. When you choose to see the country with a car or a travel trailer, you get far closer to the authentic country at hand. You’ll be passing through real towns that you would miss if you were taking internal flights. You might find some of your best adventures here, or a surprisingly beautiful beach or forest not mentioned in the guide books. On the topic of internal flights, you don’t have to deal with airports at all if you see the country in this way. This means no baggage limits, no long queues and no annoying fellow passengers! It also puts you back in the driving seat, quite literally, as to when you go and when you stay. As long as you get rental back when it’s due, you can change up your itinerary as and when you please!  Or, even better, if you own the transport yourself, you can carry on indefinitely!


From The Sea
Obviously, you can only see a place from the sea if it’s not landlocked! But if it isn’t, it’s truly incredible. The Italian Riviera coastline is an idyllic example of a place that is not just nice from the water but at its most beautiful. Sail to villages like Portofino, a popular place for the rich and famous. Contrast it with a trip to the small cove of San Fruttuoso, which is home to a Catholic church and a tiny, quiet beach. Plus, if you head here, you’re not far for the iconic Cinque Terre. Consisting of five small Italian villages, you can travel to each via boat, or hop on land and take the train.