I love New York and I already sound like a broken record saying that. Everybody who knows me too well know for a fact that I am quite fussy when it comes to traveling and I have my set criteria for me to like a certain place. And New York has that charm that draws me to it like moth to a fire.

We’ve been to New York a number of times already. Most of our travels are during autumn and spring and never on winter. Why not winter? It is because, you’ll never know when you’ll get stuck because of a blizzard. We have had the misfortune of getting stuck in New York during Hurricane Sandy and we wouldn’t re-live the fear by exposing ourselves to inclement weather system during winter. It can be brutal. So, we prefer the not-so-cold seasons of Spring and Autumn.

We spent few days last April 2012 in New York City. It was only 3 nights and 4 days but I made sure to check another bucket item in my bucket list – to see Cherry Blossoms regardless of country or city. And April was the perfect time to view the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom.

We went straight to Central Park because they have lovely Cherry Blossoms there. We had fun with the photo op under the Cherry Tree branches filled with lovely pink blooms. I feel bad though that our daughter couldn’t come because her passport was being renewed. So, I took these lovely snaps for her to view and enjoy virtually.

 photo nyspring2.jpg
This is my favorite photo, the jump shot! 🙂
 photo nyspring1.jpg

Seeing these pretty flowers in the flesh is a dream come true! Next goal is to see them in their country of origin – Japan!

14 Replies to “Cherry Blossoms In New York’s Central Park”

  1. Lovely ano?!? 🙂 When we visited Korea, it was autumn but I loved the scenic autumn vista. I have yet to visit Seoul during spring. Madami din dun Cherry Blossoms di ba? 🙂

  2. Cherry Blossom is so famous of its beauty when the flowers are blooming or full bloom. I didnt know NY has it too. I have only seen Cherry Blossom in a telenovela what was shot in Japan or Korea

  3. Yes sis, I always look forward to Cherry Blossom Festival when we were there.

    By the way sis, ano yan avatar video sa sidebar mo? Nakita ng son ko sabi "Mommy, why are you watching that?" I asked "watching what" tapos tinuro nya lol..

  4. hahaha, sis, are you referring to the small video on top of the calendar? that's miniaturized Japan 🙂 I got it somewhere but I forgot where… hahaha. If you're referring to the real video clips on the upper side bar, those are information videos of many topics that I like 🙂

  5. These are beautiful photos of you and your family Sis R. I live in the state of NY and am so happy that finally last summer, I visited the Big Apple and Central Park is one of them. I missed the city too and hope to visit one day again real soon.

  6. Very lovely capture of the cherry blossoms. They bloom here around April too. That's why they celebrate Japan Day here on April in a place where you can see loads of cherry blossoms. I really love them too.

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