Lots of people love to take a vacation as a way to destress and relax. This has been the case for over one hundred and fifty years in the UK. The Victorians popularized holidays on the coast when train travel was invented. Journeys to the coast were made so city dwellers could take in the fresh air and coastal activities their homes lacked. Today, millions of Brits still head down to the coast for a break. So what is an English seaside holiday really like?

Most of us have seen picture postcards of a sandy beach and kids playing with buckets and spades. Much of the English coastline, however, isn’t like this. Instead, the coastal areas can be rocky. They’re wild and rugged. They’re also home to a huge variety of sea life and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else.

Many of the sandy beaches in the UK now form part of the seaside resorts that are popular with people on vacation. You can find golden sands and seawater paddling pools in lots of places like Southend-on-Sea and Blackpool. These big tourist hotspots are also home to theme parks, seafront cafes, promenades, and more. The attractions in Blackpool are famed throughout the country and abroad. The famous tower and ballrooms have also enjoyed a popularity revival in recent years.

Beach holidays are something most of us love. We pay a lot of money to visit hot countries with hundreds of miles of white sands and warm blue waters. England isn’t exactly like that. And most Brits will tell you they go to Spain or the South of France for that. But that doesn’t mean that England’s beaches aren’t worth the visit. Many are very clean, and they are guarded, so you and your children are safe.

During the summer months, most beaches are filled with day trippers and holidaymakers wanting to make the most of a sunny day. Deck chairs are often hired. They’re one of the most annoying, yet iconic part of any English seaside resort. You can also find Donkey rides for the kids, Punch and Judy puppet theaters and vendors selling fish and chips served in paper cones. It’s these things that make the English beach vacation so memorable.

No trip to the English coast would be quite complete without sampling some of the seafood dishes. Mussels and eels continue to be popular dishes around the London area. Both are often served in liquor so they may not be suitable for children. Cotton candy or candy floss is also widely available. Donuts, burgers, and hotdogs can be found in most resorts too.

The UK is a tiny island, which means the coast is never far from you when you visit. You can paddle in the sea, build sandcastles, and even play soccer on the beach. The sound of the seagulls can be heard miles inland, and the scent of the water is alluring. Best of all, the view of the coast of England is beautiful. Much of it is unspoiled, and all of it provides beautiful views of the sea. Enjoy your English seaside holiday.