Maybe there is just a little bit of everyone’s fantasy destination in Morocco. It stands in the collective imagination of the West. It is the mysterious bridge between the warmth of the Mediterranean and the mysterious legends of the East. At the same time, it has all the appeal of what we seek in an exotic destination. It is edged with just enough mystery and a hint of the unknowable mystique of the Arab world. It is a place that you yearn to know, but realise that you never will completely, but to taste and sample it may well change your life forever.

To make your way to Morocco is to embark on true adventure. It is to show a real zest for all that life can offer. It is convenient as it is close by, and yet centuries apart. It is familiar through tales and legends. It is medieval and modern all in the same breath. There is a sense here than life is being lived, embraced and that life is colourful, sensual and sometimes edgy.

It is life above all that is filled with character and real charm. Embracing it we know will make us better, more rounded and even more understanding. It will elevate us with spirit. From the beaches of Essaouira, and Tangier to the heights of Jebel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco does exotic. From Sahara night camel trains under the stars, to medieval Berber villages in the mountains. The sensuous cities of Marrakech, Fes and Meknes, all life it here. It is rich and vibrant, and it is touchable.

Naturally you will want to stay safe during your travels. Morocco is no different from any other country. There are things that it would be foolish to do and disrespect anywhere you go. Morocco is no different. Respect the culture and the values and you will not only travel well, but you will also be welcomed and respected as an honoured visitor.

Perhaps there is no more sensual and complete Moroccan experience than Marrakech itself. Where do you start with a such a stunning city? Walking and sightseeing tours in Marrakech can let you know exactly how to make the most of your trip. From the main square in the Djemaa El Fna you will be astounded by the smells, sights and spectacles of this thousand-year-old market. It is a riot of the senses, magic, music and dancing. It is at heart a living, breathing, thriving marketplace. With its snake charmers and chained monkeys, it is like being in a film set expect that this is real and how life has been lived for thousands of years.

Make your way to the souk and immerse yourself. From leather goods to sumptuous spices and foods, there is vibrant life all around you. Haggle and become a part of the melting pot. Explore magical mosques that rise above the skyline with their minarets and hints of a culture and religious devotion that runs deep.

From incredible tombs to magic gardens and from beach resorts to mountain getaways, Morocco has it all. It is a country of truly exotic adventure that can only wait so long for you to explore it. It is a part of you just waiting to be found and discovered.