A lot has happened in February and mostly painful. What was planned to be a happy celebration of my daughter’s 18th birthday in Manila became a whirlwind of emotional distress for me and my family.

My was admitted in the ICU last Feb. 11, my daughter had her birthday party on the 13th and mum passed away last Feb. 22, the same day my hubby and I flew back to Dubai. We had to return to Manila to facilitate my mum’s funeral and burial services. My dear mum was put to her final resting place last Feb. 28.

Yes, it has been a very, very tough February for all of us. The only redeeming factor was the celebration of my daughter’s birthday. However, much as we wanted to celebrate all the way, we couldn’t because we knew mum as not well. Little did we know that, that would be the last time we would see, talk, and touch her.

I don’t think and feel it is right to celebrate my birthday in few days. I just don’t feel happy at all. So, it is just fair to cancel my birthday travel plans and postpone some other time when I feel it is right.

I have to thank my husband who wanted to make me happy on my special day. I know he means well and I know that he knows what is going to cheer me up. For now, I just want to stay at home and rather offer a prayer for my mum. We can always travel later on.