When you think of adventure holidays, a lot of people believe that they are for kids or families. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure these types of holidays can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike, but you don’t have to take kids with you! In fact, sometimes holidays are a lot more fun without them! Shh, just don’t tell anyone we said that. Whether you have kids or not, a break is always welcomed. Who doesn’t like going on holiday?

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So if you fancy something a bit more active than lying on the beach sipping cocktails (although that does sound good) what are your options? There’s plenty of time to sit around, and if you’re looking for adventure, then you’ve come to the right place. Doing something different is a great way to revive your lust for life. When you’re doing physical activities, the adrenaline can give you a real boost. You’ll be energized and refreshed and ready for anything. Who knows, you might even find you have hidden talents!

Hit the Slopes!

Skiing has a rep of being only for the wealthy, but it can be surprisingly affordable. You can get some great deals on short breaks. If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Alps, then you could be hitting the slopes very soon if you decide to get your ski’s on. From the novice to the expert, there are courses to suit everyone and tuition is available. To save more money, make sure lift passes and hire charges are included in the price of your holiday – you don’t want to get stung by hidden charges! There are some great packages available at momentumski.com

Fly through the Sky!

The longest zip wire in Europe is situated in Wales. Set in the Snowdonia National Park the line is not for the faint-hearted. You can zoom along at speeds of up to 90mph on what is reckoned to be the greatest zip wire experience in the entire Northern hemisphere. Snowdonia is also known as an area of outstanding natural beauty. You’ll also find a very warm welcome if you visit Wales; it’s one of the friendliest places you could ever hope to go. They certainly like to have a drink and a good time. Find out more at visitwales.com

A Swimmingly Good Adventure

If you are a water baby at heart, then why not visit Siam Park in Tenerife. The popular Spanish resort is reckoned to be one of the best water parks on the continent. With a multitude of white-knuckle water rides, you’ll love the thrill a minute atmosphere. IT certainly has unique surroundings. The park is Thai themed and rich in culture and eastern promise. One of the main attractions of the park is the infamous “Tower of Power.” This petrifying ride features an 80foot drop that passes right through a tank that is full of sharks. Definitely not one for you if the film Jaws gave you nightmares! Don’t panic, they can’t get you, but it’s certainly one for the hardcore amongst you! To make a splash, swom over to tenerifewaterpark.com

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